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Who We Are

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) examines issues related to energy markets, trends, and policies. The Institute’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a diverse, sustainable and profitable energy economy.


Putra Adhiguna
Energy Technologies Research Lead, Asia
Sajjad Ahmed
HR Generalist
Shafiqul Alam
Energy Finance Analyst
Anna Antoine
Communications Specialist, Social Media
Soroush Basirat
Steel Sector Energy Finance Analyst
Frank Bass
Phyllis Boulton
Payroll and AP/AR Administrator
Johanna Bowyer
Lead Research Analyst for Australian Electricity
Jonathan Bruegel
Power Sector Analyst, IEEFA Europe
Sandy Buchanan
Dan Cohn
Global Energy Transition Researcher
Beth Cook
Business Resource Librarian
Trey Cowan
Oil & Gas Analyst
Debabrata Das
Communications Manager, South Asia
Swati Dsouza
Energy Analyst
Karen Engler
Budget and Contracts Manager
Seth Feaster
Energy Data Analyst
Arjun Flora
Director, Europe
Vibhuti Garg
Director, South Asia
Julie Gasper
Finance and Operations Manager
Jeffrey Giron
IT Specialist, Asia
Lea Glaze
Human Resources Manager, Global
Jennifer Goodman
Research Fellow (IEEFA/Grand Canyon Trust)
Jay Gordon
Research Analyst
Andrew Gorringe
Coal Sector Energy Finance Analyst
Bailey Griffin
Communications Associate, Social Media 
John Hagerty
Director of Development and Grants
Grant Hauber
Strategic Energy Finance Advisor
Vivienne Heston
Donor Communications Manager
Haneea Isaad
Energy Finance Analyst
Ramnath Iyer
Climate and Renewable Energy Finance Lead, Asia
Purva Jain
Energy Analyst
Ana Maria Jaller-Makarewicz
Energy Analyst, Europe
Hazel Ilango
Energy Finance Analyst, Debt Markets
Prionka Jha
Media and Communications Specialist, South Asia
Sarah Johnston
IT Manager
Anika Juhn
Data Visualization Analyst
Mark Kalegha
Energy Finance Analyst, Canada
Cara King
Design and Digital Publisher
Charith Konda
Energy Finance Analyst
Amy Leiper
Media & Stakeholder Engagement Specialist, Australia/South Asia
Josielyn Manuel
Editor and Communications Specialist, Asia
Suzanne Mattei
Energy Policy Analyst and Team Facilitator
Sean McCabe
Web Content Curator
Amanda McConnon
North America Communications Manager
Saloni Sachdeva Michael
Energy Analyst
Kevin Morrison
Energy Finance Analyst, LNG/Gas Sector
Christina Ng
Research & Stakeholder Engagement Leader, Debt Markets
Paige Nguyen
Director, Asia
Simon Nicholas
Energy Finance Analyst
Cecelia Opatken-Ringdal
Editor, Americas/Europe
Ghee Peh
Energy Finance Analyst
Lai Fong Poon
Editor, Asia
Sam Reynolds
LNG/Gas Research Lead, Asia
Catherine Rizos
Program Support Specialist, Publications
Bruce Robertson
Energy Finance Analyst – Gas/LNG
Sofia Russi
Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Europe
Amandine Denis-Ryan
CEO, Australia
Tom Sanzillo
Director of Financial Analysis
David Schlissel
Director of Resource Planning Analysis
Abhishek Sinha
Petrochemicals Analyst
Kate Sopko
Data Management Analyst
Shantanu Srivastava
Sustainable Finance and Climate Risk Lead, South Asia
Jamie Stewart
Program Support Specialist
Susan Torres
Senior Public Relations Specialist
Saurabh Trivedi
Research Analyst
Dennis Wamsted
Energy Analyst
Rosalind Washington
HR Generalist - Training and Development
Sarah Weeks
Clark Williams-Derry
Energy Finance Analyst
James Willis
Alex Yu
Editor and Communications Specialist, Asia

IEEFA Board of Directors

Sara Jane Ahmed
Member of the Board of Directors
Al Armendariz
Member of the Board of Directors
Sarah Brennan
Member of the Board of Directors
Sergio Knaebel
President of the Board of Directors
Chris Meyer
Member of the Board of Directors
Dana Omran
Member of the Board of Directors
Eric Schaeffer
Treasurer of the Board of Directors
Larry Shapiro
Member of the Board of Directors
Ingrid Vila-Biaggi
Vice President of the Board of Directors
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