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Paige Nguyen

Director, Asia

 [email protected]  LinkedIn

Paige Nguyen leads IEEFA’s Asia team and is the Regional Director. Paige oversees IEEFA’s Asia strategy, research, communications, and works closely with the team to increase the visibility and impact of IEEFA’s work to accelerate the energy transition in Asia. 

Paige has worked in specialist roles in strategic communications, media, and marketing for the past 15 years. This includes working as an adviser to the Minister for Renewables & Energy, journalist, marketing specialist, and publishing. 

She has a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in Political Science) in International Relations from the University of Adelaide. 

When not at work, Paige loves the outdoors and travelling. She loves playing tennis, wild swimming, and rock climbing. Paige is passionate about the ocean and is an advocate for ocean sustainability and regeneration.

Languages: English, Vietnamese

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