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IEEFA: Fossil fuel pressure and risks mounting for multilateral development banks

Further reliance on coal and LNG will lead to ever larger and unsustainable fossil fuel subsidies

“Gas is over”, proclaimed chief of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Werner Hoyer, at the beginning of this year as he stated clearly the bank’s vision for an end to unabated use of fossil fuels. European officials have since also called for the World Bank to phase out lending for gas projects globally in addition […]

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IEEFA: Competitive renewables wipe decades off economic life of Australia’s longest gas pipeline

In a decarbonising world, long-term gas infrastructure investments are looking riskier and shorter term

Economic regulators in Western Australia are grappling with what to do with a gas pipeline that faces the prospect of its economics failing before the steel and compressors. A recent regulatory skirmish over the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) finished in a draw, but the fight revealed cracks in the business case for […]

IEEFA U.S.: Colstrip legislation would slam NorthWestern customers with costs topping $1.3 billion over 20 years

NorthWestern could charge customers for fictional investments at Colstrip rather than actual costs

April 15, 2021 (IEEFA)—A measure being considered in the Montana Legislature (Senate Bill 379) would grossly and unfairly enrich NorthWestern Energy with the creation of an effective tax on the company’s customers for 20 years or longer—a tax that would be based on a fictional company investment of almost $700 million. Traditionally, consumers pay for […]

IEEFA U.S.: New questions raised about Puerto Rico-LUMA grid privatization contract

IEEFA questions Financial Oversight and Management Board defense of LUMA contract

April 15, 2021 (IEEFA) ⎼ The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis is questioning the wisdom of a contract to privatize Puerto Rico’s power grid in a letter to the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB). In the letter released today, Tom Sanzillo, IEEFA’s director of financial analysis, raised several issues that have come […]

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