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IEEFA U.S.: Texas confronts decline in oil and gas industry

Analysis of long-term trends indicates slower growth, fewer jobs and lower tax contributions

July 28, 2021 (IEEFA) ⎼ Texas policymakers, regulators and public opinion have long held that “what’s good for oil is good for Texas.” But Texas’s economy has become more broad-based and the oil and gas sector’s proportionate contribution has declined. State leaders face a new set of facts on the ground about the future of […]

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IEEFA: Commercial and industrial rooftop solar installs set to increase in India

A new generation of technologies is making rooftop solar even more cost effective

28 July 2021 (IEEFA India): The rate of rooftop solar capacity addition by commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers in India is expected to accelerate this year, as new and innovative solar technology solutions provide opportunities for businesses to save on electricity costs and contribute to corporate renewable energy targets, finds a new report by the Institute […]

IEEFA: In the Philippines, coal’s demise makes way for a renewable energy boom

Imported gas lock-in could undermine the economic benefits of a clean energy transition

The Philippines’ energy sector is on the brink of rapid change, with fossil fuels struggling to maintain relevance and a renewable energy industry poised for takeoff. Much of the country’s progress on clean energy and climate goals is due to the exceptional work of local activists applying pressure on policymakers to accelerate the clean energy […]

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IEEFA: China is supporting over 50% of coal power development in largest remaining project pipelines

As finance shifts from coal, China is looking isolated as the last enabler of coal-fired power overseas

A review of coal power proposals in countries with large remaining project pipelines indicates that 56% of the total capacity of these proposals is being supported by China. Historically just one of the major providers of finance to overseas coal power projects, China has more recently looked increasingly isolated as other nations and financial institutions […]

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