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Grant Hauber

Strategic Energy Finance Advisor, Asia

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Grant provides strategic advice on energy and financial markets for IEEFA’s Asia Pacific team. With an emphasis on region’s emerging markets, he provides insights to project finance, multilateral development institutions, and implementing the energy transition. Grant leverages his background as an engineer and project development to objectively assess energy technologies, whether renewables, fossil, or emerging sources such as hydrogen and ammonia. 

Grant’s experience spans over 30 years in 30 different countries, covering energy markets and infrastructure public-private partnerships (PPP). He has garnered expertise as a project developer in both renewable and conventional electricity, a project finance investment banker, and energy asset strategist. More recently, he served as a Principal at the Asian Development Bank in Manila, spearheading creation of the bank’s PPP Operational Plan and advising governments across South and Southeast Asia how to integrate PPP principles into their public investment planning.

Grant holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. He is currently based in Buffalo, New York.

Grant previously served on the advisory board to Greater Boston's Metropolitan Area Planning Council supporting design of the region's long-term development plan, MetroCommon 2050. Being an avid cyclist as well as an infrastructure policy wonk, as part of his support of MetroCommon 2050, Grant has visited all 101 municipalities and ridden across every one of the 1,900 mi2 (4,600 km2) of the Greater Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area, whether on road or trail.


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