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Saurabh Trivedi

Sustainable Finance Specialist

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Saurabh Trivedi is a Sustainable Finance Specialist at IEEFA. His focus is on analysing global investment flows into clean energy and fossil fuel sectors with a specific attention to debt investment. He also analyses the role of innovative sustainable finance investments in transitioning Indian fossil fuel companies to clean energy.

As a Senior Analyst in the Climate Finance team of Climate Policy Initiative, his previous focus was on research into sustainable finance for renewable energy and electric vehicles. He was also a part of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance – where he designed implementation-ready financial solutions for building green infrastructure in India. He has also worked with JP Morgan Chase and Alexandria Real Estate Equities as an investment analyst.

Saurabh holds a Master's in Business Administration with specialisation in Finance. He is currently a full-time industry PhD student at Macquarie University sponsored with full scholarship by Rozetta Institute with focus on financial data analytics, investment behaviour, market quality, energy markets etc. His Doctoral research focuses on Climate Finance.

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