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IEEFA Energy Finance Conference 2024

Sep. 2-4, 2024 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Accelerating the coal-to-clean transition

Renewable energy asset profit margins can be more than enough to pay for coal plant closure costs while still generating a profit for the power facility’s operator.

Indonesia's coal companies: Some diversify, others expand capacity

While some Indonesia companies are limiting new coal capacity and investing in non-coal businesses, others are gearing up for expansions.

Solar at a crossroads in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s renewable energy transformation is well under way, although it is entirely taking place at the level of individual households and businesses installing rooftop solar and storage.

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ESG investing: Steady growth amidst adversity

Consistent global flows, solid performance, and rising demand from asset owners challenge the narrative of ESG investing stagnation and decline.

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