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IEEFA #EnergyFinance2022 Conference (Oct. 17-19)

Join leading experts and researchers from finance, energy, government, advocacy, philanthropy and media as we explore the latest opportunities and obstacles in the global energy transition.

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Regulated electricity network prices are higher than necessary

Over 2014-2021, Australian consumers were charged $10 billion more for electricity network services than necessary to ensure a reliable service.

Delays of LNG terminals in the Philippines reflect supply and cost uncertainties

LNG imports won’t alleviate high power prices in the Philippines.

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Pleasants coal plant purchase would be high risk, low reward

Pleasants, a coal-fired generating station on the Ohio River with a checkered financial history, provides a cautionary tale for investors in the PJM region.

To build or not to build: Keeping Pakistan’s hydropower reliance in check

Unmet project targets could jeopardize energy security and increase fossil fuel reliance.

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