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The hidden costs of coalmines' unquenchable thirst

Australian coalminers lost more than 20 million tonnes in run-of-mine (ROM) coal production (approximately AU$5 billion in potential coal sales) across the 2022 calendar and financial years, largely due to flooding and severe weather.

Navigating the fiscal implications of a just transition

As India transitions to a low-carbon economy, coal-producing states like Odisha, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh will need to navigate the challenge of declining fossil fuel revenues while ensuring a just transition.

Beetaloo a $10bn pipe dream for gas producers

The Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory has been touted as a promising, world-class shale gas resource, but may have low economic value, with high costs and risks, and uncertain returns.

Optimising the ‘Battery of the Nation’

Tasmania is seeking to become a key source of electricity storage for mainland Australia by maximising the state’s hydro power capacity.

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