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Energy Analyst Milad Mousavian has been a consultant and researcher in the area of energy transition and climate finance/economics. He has a Master's in Economics from the University of Melbourne and in Energy Systems Planning from the University of Tehran.

IEEFA: Ceasing offshore gas exploration permits critical to cut Australia’s emissions

Using governance power to curtail offshore gas exploration would be a good first step

Australia has been dragging its feet on climate policy for decades, and is among the last in many global climate policy rankings. While just having announced its net-zero pledge prior to COP26, the plan seems heavily reliant on technologies (some of which are unproven) rather than fundamental policy shifts. Australia must inevitably shift to a […]

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IEEFA: $5.1 billion spend on offshore gas exploration until 2027 could have fostered 2.5GW of renewable capacity and 4,800 jobs

The government is increasing issuance of gas exploration permits in the offshore sector ignoring risks imposed by global decarbonisation

20 September 2021 (IEEFA Australia): Increasing issuance of exploration permits over production, the Australian government has given the green light to oil and gas giants including Santos and Woodside to potentially spend $AUD5.1 billion throughout the next six years on risky offshore exploration activities despite industry-low success rates and the global energy transition, finds a […]

IEEFA: Gas power plants assuming a constant capacity factor are being financially overvalued

Investors beware, capacity factor trends and LCOE analysis show gas-fired power plants likely to be stranded assets into the future

24 June 2021 (IEEFA Australia): The Australian government may be relying on inaccurate financial assumptions for its gas-fired recovery as most gas- and coal-fired power plants in Australia, the UK, the U.S. and China are being operated less and less – what’s called a declining capacity factor, finds a new report by the Institute for […]