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Former IEEFA Energy Finance Consultant Gerard Wynn is a U.K.-based 10-year veteran of energy and economics reporting at the Thomson Reuters News Agency and has authored numerous papers on energy issues ranging from solar power in Great Britain to coal-burning in China and India. He blogs at

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IEEFA: European gas pipeline companies mislead investors by underreporting CO2

Reporting loophole means midstream operators aren't following the same guidelines as upstream or downstream sellers

December 14, 2020 (IEEFA) — European pipeline companies are using a loophole to market themselves as low-carbon businesses and avoid reporting on the climate effects of the natural gas they transport, according to a new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The report, Hiding in Plain Sight—European Gas Pipeline Companies’ […]

IEEFA Europe: COVID has exposed Polish energy company’s continuing coal dependence

To turn around profits, PGE must increase the renewables ambition of its ‘Strategy 2030’

December 3, 2020 (IEEFA) — The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the costs of excessive coal dependence at Poland’s largest energy company, Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE), highlighting the need for more renewables and greater detail on coal power plant closures under the company’s new strategy, according to a report by the Institute for Energy Economics and […]

IEEFA U.K.: Smart tariffs can cut electric vehicle charging costs by one-fifth

Country announces ban on new gasoline and diesel cars by 2030

Smart tariffs that have been enabled by the rollout of digital meters can cut the payback period on electric vehicles by more than one-fifth, according to U.K. data, and can help Britain achieve its target to ban all new gasoline and diesel cars by 2030, as announced this week. IEEFA published research in May 2019 […]

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IEEFA: Renewables’ strong performance and falling costs can help Kosovo break from a coal-powered past

Economics, EU membership ambitions point to renewables as best path for country’s future electricity needs

October 29, 2020 (IEEFA) — Strong performance by Kosovo’s first large-scale wind and solar farms show the coal-dominated, Western Balkan country can exploit falling renewables costs and green lending appetite to align better with a low-carbon European transition and reduce losses from stranded fossil fuel assets. According to a new report by the Institute for […]

Performanca e fortë e burimeve të ripërtëritshme dhe rënia e kostove mund të ndihmojnë Kosovën të shkëputet nga e kaluara e furnizuar me qymyr

Ekonomia, ambiciet për anëtarësim në BE drejtojnë nga burimet e ripërtëritshme si rruga më e mirë për nevojat e ardhshme të energjisë për vendin.

29 tetor 2020 (IEEFA) – Performanca e mirë nga fermat e para të erës dhe diellit në shkallë të gjerë në Kosovë tregon se vendi i Ballkanit Perëndimor i dominuar nga qymyri mund të shfrytëzojë rënien e kostove të ripërtëritshme dhe gatshmërinë për kredi të gjelbëra për tu lidhur më mirë me një tranzicion evropian […]

IEEFA Europe: Recovered waste heat a cost-effective source of clean energy

Case studies in Poland confirm RWH alternative to coal plants and reduced investment risks

June 10, 2020  (IEEFA LONDON) ‒ Captured waste heat from local industry in southern Poland can compete with fossil fuel plants to supply affordable heating for local homes through district heating networks, providing cleaner air and attractive financial returns for investors, according to an IEEFA study published today.  IEEFA found that the main barrier to […]

Odzyskane ciepło odpadowe z polskiego lokalnego przemysłu może zapewnić opłacalne źródło czystego ogrzewania, zastępując elektrociepłownie węglowe i zmniejszając ryzyka inwestycyjne

10 czerwca, IEEFA (LONDYN) − Jak wynika z opublikowanego w środę badania przeprowadzonego przez IEEFA, ciepło odpadowe odzyskane z lokalnego przemysłu na południu Polski może konkurować z zakładami zasilanymi paliwami kopalnymi, dostarczając przy pomocy lokalnych systemów ciepłowniczych przystępne w cenie ogrzewanie do lokalnych domów, zapewniając czystsze powietrze, a inwestorom atrakcyjne zyski finansowe. IEEFA doszło do […]

IEEFA webinar: Financing a greener European heating sector, June 10 at 4 p.m. CEST/3 p.m. BST/ 10 a.m. ET

Polish case study shows how captured waste heat can compete with fossil fuel plants

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis will host a webinar on Wednesday, June 10, to present the findings of a new report entitled, “Financing a Greener European Heating Sector: A Polish Case Study.” The reports shows that captured waste heat from local industry in southern Poland can compete with fossil fuel plants to […]

IEEFA update: Five reasons why now is a good time for a fee on carbon emissions

Dividends can benefit consumers while building momentum towards renewables

A world emerging from economic lockdown can seize the opportunity to return to growth on a sustainable path, by introducing a carbon fee that will motivate badly needed investments in clean infrastructure, provide regulatory security to investors and businesses, and create a wave of entrepreneurship that will be good for the economy and the environment.  […]

IEEFA Europe: Beyond coronavirus—why a carbon fee and dividend make sense

UK carbon tax and EU trading system show how a carbon fee can drive down emissions and benefit citizens

With the world now in economic lockdown and governments lavishing credit on all-comers with little restraint, it may seem a strange time to propose an additional tax for the crisis aftermath, across the global economy. But a carbon fee can help direct this wall of cash and credit along a more credible, safer path leading […]

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