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IEEFA 2018 Energy Finance Conference: March 12-14 at Columbia University in New York

Renewable Energy Trends; Coal Industry Finances; Policy and Transition

Feb. 27, 2018 (IEEFA) — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis surveys the state of global energy markets at its three-day Energy Finance 2018 conference in New York next month. 

The March 12-14 conference at Columbia University Law School will feature energy-industry experts, community economic transition advocates, and financial analysts from around the world. The agenda includes a broad set of panels focusing alternately on local, regional and global trends in policy, investment and market transition.

“This annual gathering brings together a uniquely informed collection of perspectives on fast-moving changes across the energy industry,” said Sandy Buchanan, IEEFA’s executive director. “Its substance is timely and important in terms of geopolitics, capital markets, grid modernization, and especially in the broad shift we see occurring in electricity generation.”

Click here to see the full conference agenda.

Among the panels:

  • The Global Outlook for Electricity Markets (panelists include IEEFA Asia energy market analysts Tim Buckley and Melissa Brown, and Paul Bodnar of the Rocky Mountain Institute).
  • Carbon Capture Storage Pros and Cons (panelists include David Schlissel, IEEFA’s director of resource planning analysis and John Thompson of the Clean Air Task Force).
  • China Is Coal, Coal Is China (panelists include Brown, Buckley, and Ben Caldecott of Oxford Sustainable Finance).
  • Financial Challenges Facing the U.S. Coal Mining Industry (panelists include Seth Feaster, IEEFA data analyst, and Andy Blumenfeld of Doyle Trading Consultants).
  • U.S. Energy Trends (panelists include Jim Hempstead and Anna Zubets-Anderson of Moody’s Investors Service).
  • Business-Driven Demand for Renewable Energy (panelists include Brown and Tom Murley of Two Lights Capital).
  • Community-Based Strategies for the Energy Transition (panelists include Tomás J. Torres of the Puerto Rico Institute for Competitiveness and Sustainable Economy).
  • Fossil Fuel Divestment; New York City and State Leading the Nation (panelists include Adam Zurofsky of the Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Dan Zarrilli of the Office of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio).

Other panels discussions explore oil- and gas-industry finances, natural-gas pipeline risk, distributed solar, the auto industry, utility-industry trends, and natural-gas market trends.

Media contact:

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The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) conducts research and analyses on financial and economic issues related to energy and the environment. The Institute’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a diverse, sustainable and profitable energy.

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