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Lead Research Analyst for Australian Electricity Johanna Bowyer has previously worked for CSIRO, Solar Analytics and Suntech and as a management consultant at Kearney. Johanna has research experience in microgrids, energy tariffs and distribution networks. She has a degree in Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Engineering from UNSW.

IEEFA Australia: ESB reform of electricity system needs to plan for a zero-emissions future

IEEFA's submission to the ESB post 2025 electricity market design options

Australia has a huge opportunity to become one of the first countries to fully transition to a zero-emissions electricity system. The nation stands to benefit financially by exporting technologies and know-how developed through the transition. The Energy Security Board (ESB) post 2025 market design process seeks to reform how the electricity system operates to integrate […]

IEEFA: Zero to 60% in 14 years – South Australia’s success in transitioning to renewables

Seven important lessons for energy planners around the globe in transitioning grids from fossil fuels to renewables

3 June 2021 (IEEFA Australia): South Australia offers vital lessons for other jurisdictions transitioning from a fossil fuel-based electricity grid to a low emissions, high renewables grid, finds a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). “The proportion of South Australia’s electricity demand met by large scale and small scale variable […]

IEEFA Australia: Coal plant closures imminent as renewable energy surges

Several coal power plants in the National Electricity Market likely to be financially unviable by 2025

24 February 2020 (IEEFA Australia): Several of the 16 coal power plants in the National Electricity Market (NEM) will be financially unviable and at least one is likely to face closure several years sooner than planned due to coal plants’ poor flexibility and inability to adapt to a rapid influx of renewable energy, finds a new […]

IEEFA Australia: Energy Security Board reforms need to be ambitious to secure a low emissions future

ESB reform direction updated to incorporate stakeholder feedback and state government renewables investment schemes

The national electricity market (NEM) is in a state of flux. According to the Australian government’s Energy Security Board (ESB), over 60% of existing thermal generating resources (mainly coal) in the NEM are likely to exit over the next two decades as Australia transitions towards renewable generation (mainly wind and solar) and storage. This transition […]

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IEEFA: Australia should be a net-zero emissions leader

Setting a target of net-zero emissions by 2050 would maximise employment, investment and export opportunities

11 December 2020 (IEEFA Australia): Australia must align itself with the global push to go carbon-neutral to maintain strong trade in a net zero emissions world, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) notes in its submission in support of a new climate change bill before the Australian parliament. The bill, introduced by Zali Steggall, […]