Charles Worringham

Researcher Dr Charles Worringham is closely tracking India's energy transition and is a guest contributor with IEEFA. Formerly an academic at QUT in Brisbane and the University of Michigan working on movement disorders and movement neuroscience, Dr Worringham taught multiple courses including research methods and statistics, and supervised several PhD students.

IEEFA: Agrivoltaics – how India can combine solar power and farmland

With measures to protect farmers and food production, agrivoltaics could accelerate the renewable energy roll-out

8 December (IEEFA India): Agrivoltaics, the practice of generating solar power on farmland in ways that complement agricultural production, could become an important new renewable energy sector in India, according to a new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). But for the sector to thrive, measures to safeguard farming communities and agricultural […]

IEEFA Update: Solar installation surge puts India on track to cap coal-fired power as early as 2024

Recent increase in solar power installations could push coal to peak sooner than expected

If India keeps installing solar capacity at the rate it’s achieved for the last three months, coal-fired power could peak in the 2023-24 financial year, and increased solar generation alone could meet the country’s growing electricity requirements in subsequent years. India’s electricity demand has surged and slumped in recent months as the economy revives in […]

IEEFA: Reducing land-use impacts of renewable generation could smooth the path for India’s energy transition

How much land would be needed to power a net-zero India?

6 September 2021 (IEEFA India): Judicious planning of land use for solar and wind generation will help India to achieve its renewable energy ambitions, according to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis’ (IEEFA) new report which examines how much land would be needed for the country to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. IEEFA […]

IEEFA: India has a record level of stockpiled coal dampening need for new domestic mines

Proposed coal mining expansions at odds with excess supply

8 April 2021 (IEEFA India): India has stockpiled a record 132 million tonnes of coal – enough to run India’s power plants for two months – greatly exceeding the average of the previous five years, finds a new briefing note by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The note by analyst and […]

IEEFA: By facilitating electricity transmission routes, could Indian Railways fast-track the energy transition?

Transporting coal to generators is less efficient and increasingly less competitive than moving actual electricity via cables

3 December 2020 (IEEFA India): Indian Railways should explore the use of sections of its extensive network for electricity transmission infrastructure. This is a key recommendation in a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) that outlines the opportunity for Indian Railways to participate in the nation’s energy transition beyond […]

IEEFA update: How meaningful are some estimates for India’s coal consumption data?

In recent years, BP's estimates for India have contained what appears to be a record of over-optimistic projections

BP’s annual Statistical Review of World Energy commands significant attention in global energy circles and the media. Many businesses, investors and policymakers use data from the report, the 69th edition of which was published in June 2020, in their plans and decision-making. When last year’s report announced a year-on-year increase in India’s coal consumption of […]

IEEFA update: India’s coal-fired power plant stockpiles reach record levels even as electricity demand weakens

Major question remains over ability to use this stockpile

The 2019/20 financial year has been full of surprises. Coal production in India is back on an upwards trajectory after a significant decline mid-year. Total coal stockpiles are close to record highs and those at power plants have reached a new peak, even as on-grid coal-fired power generation has declined by an unprecedented 2.5% year-on-year. […]

IEEFA India: India’s electricity sector transformation has made progress in 2019/20

Renewables tendering and auction activity suggest acceleration in the coming year

India’s electricity sector ambitions have been widely acknowledged as potentially transformational and have put India on the world centre stage in terms of reinvigorating the global drive towards the Paris Agreement. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set ambitious, clear, long-term targets. Despite some material near-term headwinds that have developed over 2018/19, the level of ambition […]

IEEFA India: Thermal coal flatlines in faltering economy, power from non-coal sources continues to grow

Opportunity to fast-track ambitious clean energy transition, reduce air pollution and stimulate rural job growth

In the space of just a few days, India’s slowing economy has attracted the attention not only of the domestic press, but of international media including the Financial Times and an Economist special report, which noted that “with alarming speed, India has gone from being the world’s fastest-growing large economy to something more like a […]

IEEFA Australia: Minerals Council report overstates foreign market’s thermal coal import needs to 2030

Forecast is based on unrealistic estimates India's coal consumption

January 30, 2019 (IEEFA Sydney)—Representing a critical risk for Australian thermal coal exports, an analysis of the Mineral Council of Australia’s recent report methodology shows Australia’s ambition for India as a huge growth export market is both unrealistic and systematically overstates India’s future need for imported coal. In June 2018 The Minerals Council of Australia […]