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Presentation: U.S. LNG exports in the wake of the Ukraine invasion

May 19, 2022
Clark Williams-Derry

Key Findings

U.S. LNG shipments to Europe have boomed during the Ukraine crisis. Prices, not politics, directed LNG traffic.

The U.S. will likely meet this year’s “target”—15 additional bcm of gas to the EU—by July or August. For 2022, +50 bcm is within reach.

Europe has asked for cheaper U.S. LNG, not just a supply boost.

Growing exports have linked domestic U.S. gas markets to global volatility.

The fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the world’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, driving prices to record levels while likely positioning the industry for a significant downturn as emerging Asian markets are priced out of the market, according to a panel of IEEFA experts.

IEEFA’s analysts find that the disruption in the LNG markets has been truly global. Russia, which faces a series of international sanctions, is the world’s second-largest natural gas producer, its third-largest oil producer, and its sixth-largest coal producer. In addition, Russia provides Europe with more than one-third of its gas supply.

Press release: IEEFA experts trace the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on global liquefied natural gas markets

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Clark Williams-Derry

Clark Williams-Derry focuses on the finances North America’s oil, gas, and coal industries. His areas of expertise include: the long-term financial performance of North American oil & gas companies, particularly fracking-focused enterprises; company- and basin-specific studies of oil and gas production; U.S. LNG exports in the context of global markets; and U.S. and Canadian coal export projects.

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