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Audio: Our Comments on Pipeline-Overbuild Risks in Appalachia

April 29, 2016
Cathy Kunkel and Tom Sanzillo

We’ve just posted this audio from our press conference earlier this week on our new study, “Risks Associated With Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion Across Appalachia.”  In addition to comments from IEEFA, the audio includes remarks by Joe Lovett, executive director of Appalachian Mountain Advocates.

The report examines the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would traverse West Virginia into eastern Virginia, and the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would cross Virginia and branch deeply into North Carolina. The pipelines combined would run for more than 800 miles and together would cost roughly $9 billion.

Full audio clip here.

Tom Sanzillo is IEEFA’s director of finance. Cathy Kunkel is an IEEFA energy analyst.

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Cathy Kunkel

Cathy Kunkel is an Energy Consultant at IEEFA.

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Tom Sanzillo

Tom Sanzillo is Director of Financial Analysis for IEEFA. He has produced influential studies on the oil, gas, petrochemical and coal sectors in the U.S. and internationally, including company and credit analyses, facility development, oil and gas reserves, stock and commodity market analysis, and public and private financial structures.

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