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IEEFA India Podcast: Meet the zero-emissions power couple – solar and electric vehicles

IEEFA India Podcast: Meet the zero-emissions power couple – solar and electric vehicles

Exploring the potential of combining rooftop solar and EVs in decarbonising India’s transport sector

 India has ambitious plans to become a 100% electric vehicle (EV) nation by 2030, and the government is offering plenty of incentives to accelerate EV uptake. But the key to decarbonising India’s transport sector will be deploying solar energy-powered EV charging stations across the country. IEEFA’s new podcast explores the potential of combining rooftop […]

IEEFA Australia: ANZ divesting from the world’s largest coal export port is ‘pragmatism’

The biggest buyers of Australian thermal coal have committed to net-zero emissions

Listen to the podcast here. ANZ, Australia’s third largest bank, has decided to stop lending to the Port of Newcastle, the world’s largest thermal coal export terminal, under its new climate change policy to cut funding to the coal sector, including the associated infrastructure and service providers. To look at the background to the bank’s […]

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IEEFA: The Australian government is holding out on setting a net-zero emissions deadline

Australia’s states and territories, corporates and financial institutions have set their own 2050 targets

More and more countries have net zero emissions ambitions, including Australia’s top trading partners China, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the U.S. (with President-elect Joe Biden preparing to move into the White House). Every Australian state and territory has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 (or sooner for the ACT) and corporates […]

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IEEFA podcast Australia: Why Gas?

The Australian government’s new gas announcements are flogging a dead horse

This podcast was produced by ABC Signal. Listen here. The Australian government is pitching gas as the economic and energy solution, but not everyone is on board. Last week Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave the energy sector an ultimatum: if the sector can’t come up with a plan for an extra 1000 megawatts of energy […]

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IEEFA podcast: Banking on oil, gas and petrochemicals is a defensive strategy unlikely to work

A suicide mission?

Building a petrochemical facility reliant on the fossil fuel – gas – is one of the top-listed projects put forward by the Australian government aimed at stimulating the economy post COVID-19. The $1.9bn fertiliser facility pegged for Narrabri in New South Wales is not a new idea, and it can’t get planning approval until gas […]

Why are corporate giants pulling out of thermal coal?

Fiduciary duty is driving financial change

A striking development has occurred in the world of corporate finance.  The past few months have seen a string of corporations divest from thermal coal, starting with US investment giant BlackRock and extending to Japan’s Mizuho and the Norwegian Government Pension Fund.   A trend is setting in and coal is being dumped all over […]

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IEEFA India Podcast: Government-owned funders are leading backers of non-performing assets in the power sector

Over the years, the government-owned Power Finance Corporation (PFC) and the Rural Electric Corporation (REC) have been lending extensively to coal-fired power projects. In fact, over half of their total loan book is exposed to thermal power. Yet thermal power in India has become a less secure investment, as the two corporations have found. And […]


IEEFA Gas Chat: Even before COVID-19, the oil and gas industry’s model was broken (PODCAST)

The current glut of LNG globally will likely persist

The global fracking industry has a fundamentally broken business model which is: Let’s produce as much oil and gas as we can and hope that prices rise as a result. “It’s completely backward”, says IEEFA’s Clark Williams-Derry. “What we’ve ended up with is a global supply glut and weak demand.” With COVID-19, oil and gas […]

IEEFA podcast: Greenhouse emissions from gas higher than industry estimates

A gas-fired recovery post-COVID19 is off with the pixies

There are massive greenhouse emissions being released from the fossil fuel, gas, and LNG (liquefied natural gas). This week we’re talking about something not many people know about, which is the massive greenhouse emissions being released from the fossil fuel – gas – and LNG (liquefied natural gas). Those emissions are so big that in […]

IEEFA podcast: What’s the ‘new normal’ post coronavirus? Australia says gas.

This is a mistake.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll. Most countries still have cities and regions in lockdown, businesses are losing money hand over fist, and people everywhere are being sorely affected. During these extraordinary times, governments are already planning for a post-locked-down world.  Questions are being raised about whether we need to bring old habits […]