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Director Energy Finance Studies, Australasia, Tim Buckley has 25 years of financial markets experience, specializing in equity valuation, including as a top-rated analyst and as co-founder and managing director of Arkx Investment Management.

IEEFA: Skyrocketing EV sales in China spell a no-turning-back step change in global energy landscape

The avalanche of technology, policy and finance moves is now unstoppable

The jury is in. The global race between passenger electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells vs petrol vs diesel is over. EVs have won in China, the world’s biggest auto market. EV sales in China grew 154% year-on-year to 3.3 million in 2021. China now wants new energy vehicles (NEVs), including plug-in hybrids and hydrogen […]

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IEEFA: Postcard from 2030. Energy is clean, finance is moral, wish you were here

Looking back over a hypothetical decade of positive change, here's what we ideally should see

In the abiding issue of our time, decarbonisation, there are slivers of hope and grave concerns. In an ideal world in 2030, capitalism has been redefined and companies that destroy the environment cannot operate. Here are the questions and answers that should define a decade of positive change. What was the financial market response to […]

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IEEFA: Deutsche Bank claims responsible climate leadership while bankrolling yet more thermal coal

Funds facilitated by Deutsche Bank will enable Whitehaven Coal to continue building greenfield coal mining capacity

A major highlight of the COP26 summit was the UN-sponsored Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero Emissions reaching 450 globally significant firms that collectively manage US$130 trillion of financial assets, including Deutsche Bank. This pledge comes with a Commitment Statement to align activities with limiting global warming to 1.5°C, an interim 2030 target, prioritising areas […]

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IEEFA Australia: How fossil fuel subsidies are thwarting Queensland’s renewable energy ambitions

Acceleration is needed on 50%-by-2030 target but Federal Government undermining private investment in zero-emissions capacity

Queensland has made strong progress in driving electricity sector decarbonisation with renewable energy’s share trebling to 21% over the last four years. However, a Queensland Audit Office report released this week wants the state to go faster, calling for accelerated action and a public roadmap to ensure the government’s ambitious 50% renewable energy target for […]

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IEEFA: BlackRock has moved rapidly on climate – but Adani exposures remain a major obstacle

A glaring inconsistency in the US$10 trillion giant’s commitment to climate action

One of the successes of the COP26 summit was the growth in the UN-convened Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero to a US$130 trillion of collective assets, almost double the total of just six months ago. Enforcement of the substance of this pledge comes next. And within that, BlackRock has moved massively on the issue of climate […]

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IEEFA Update: COP26 is different to prior COPs

This time it’s all about this decade’s actions

The world has entered a technology race for decarbonisation. Green hydrogen, the ‘electrification of everything’, batteries, electric vehicles (EVs), hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, international grid connectivity, and heavy industry decarbonisation are just some of the new lexicons. The extreme fossil fuel price inflation of late means there is a newfound heightened interest in decarbonisation, including […]

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IEEFA Update: To be taken seriously, Australia needs a credible emissions reduction plan

Regional leadership up for grabs in the energy transition

The global transition to clean energy has ended its initial phase of incremental growth and is on the brink of transformational change. However imperfect may be the outcomes of November’s United Nations COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, policy, economic and financial forces are now combining to drive the rapid adoption of renewable energy around […]

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IEEFA Update: India and Australia’s richest race to net zero by 2030

Global finance is aligning with industry leaders

It appears that Reliance Industries’ Mukesh Ambani and Fortescue Metals Group’s Andrew Forrest have drunk the same cool-aid as the Chair of the biggest asset manager in the world, BlackRock’s founder Larry Fink. The richest man in India set his firm towards a net-zero emissions by 2035 pledge in June 2021 while Australia’s Andrew Forest […]

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IEEFA Update: Solar installation surge puts India on track to cap coal-fired power as early as 2024

Recent increase in solar power installations could push coal to peak sooner than expected

If India keeps installing solar capacity at the rate it’s achieved for the last three months, coal-fired power could peak in the 2023-24 financial year, and increased solar generation alone could meet the country’s growing electricity requirements in subsequent years. India’s electricity demand has surged and slumped in recent months as the economy revives in […]

IEEFA: Will CEO Jane Fraser clean up Citi’s climate record?

As a former Citi executive, I know the bank could change course and lead again

In September 2007, with a mortgage crisis clearly on the horizon, Citigroup’s CEO Charles Prince III gathered with his top executives to understand whether the bank—then the nation’s largest—faced any risk. The consensus was no. How wrong they were. In a year’s time, Lehman Brothers crashed, triggering a global financial collapse. Citigroup lost 90% of […]

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