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Understanding Round-the-Clock Tenders in India, November 2021

Rapidly Changing Investment Climate Challenges Planned PJM Gas Plants, November 2021

Indonesia Wants to go Greener but PLN is Stuck with Excess Capacity from Coal-Fired Power Plants, November 2021

Has the Bakken Peaked?, November 2021

Funding Requirements and Avenues for Three Leading Energy Companies, October 2021

Batteries and Green Hydrogen: The Next Chapter in India’s Clean Energy Story, October 2021

How to Save The Barossa Project from Itself, October 2021

Climate Risk and the Cost of Capital in NSW, October 2021

Why External Review of Price-Setting Mechanism for Plastic Resins is Warranted, October 2021

Gavin Coal Plant Poses Financial, Reputational Risks for Major Pension Funds, October 2021

The Green Disclosure of the Indian Distribution Sector, October 2021

Role of Gas in the Transition to Clean Energy – Cooking and Mobility, October 2021

General Commentary on the Bureau of Land Management’s Notice of Intent to Conduct a Review of the Federal Coal Leasing Program and to Seek Public Comment, September 2021

Financing Trends in the Rooftop Solar Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Segment in India, September 2021

Vietnam’s PDP8 Signals Policy Confusion About the Economics of Coal, September 2021

What Led to Increasing Power Prices at Exchange? Renewables Along With Energy Storage Can Stabilise Prices, September 2021

Guyana’s Tax Giveaway: Guyana Pays ExxonMobil, Hess and CNOOC’s Annual Income Taxes, September 2021

ADB Backs Coal Power Retirement in Southeast Asia, September 2021

Recycle to Repower: Accelerating India’s Clean Energy Transition Through Circular Decarbonisation, September 2021

The U.S. Push for LNG in the Philippines Is Based on Dubious Assumptions, September 2021

IEEFA Comments on the Notice of Intent to Conduct a Review of the Federal Coal Leasing Program, September 2021

Asian Hopes for Sustainable Finance Will Rest on More Credible Taxonomies, September 2021

There’s a Better Way To Manage Coal Closures Than Paying To Delay Them, September 2021

Australia’s Offshore Industry: A Half-Century Snapshot, September 2021

From Dong to Orsted: A Leading Utility’s Green Energy Transition, September 2021

Gas in Spain Oversupplied and Overcompensated, September

Costs of Buying Power from AMP’s Prairie State and Combined Hydro Project Continue to Mount for Municipal Ratepayers, September 2021

Finessing India’s Power Market Design to be More Competitive, September 2021

Renewable Energy and Land Use in India by Mid-Century, September 2021

The (Im)maturity Plan for Distributed Energy Resources, September 2021

Despite Hype, Tellurian’s LNG Plans Face an Uphill Battle, August 2021

How Electricity Prices Are Determined and Why It’s Important, August 2021

Indonesia’s Small-Scale LNG Power Plant Conversion – A Triple Hit for PGN? August 2021

Renewables Investment Trends in India Since the COVID-19 Onset, August 2021

Energy Security Board’s Capacity Payment: Burden on Households, August 2021

Puerto Rico Grid Privatization Flaws Highlighted in First Two Months of Operation, August 2021

ExxonMobil’s U.S. Upstream Results Underwhelm, Again, August 2021

Mandating AS4755 Ignores Households and Widely Supported International Solutions, August 2021

Access, Pricing and Incentive Arrangements for Distributed Energy Resources (ERC0311) – AEMC Draft Determination, August 2021

Lack of Ring-Fencing Provision Means Guyana Won’t Realize Oil Gains Before 2030s, if at All, July 2021

Vietnam’s EVN Stands Out With a Strong 2020 Financial Performance, July 2021

Deep in the Heart of Texas, Oil and Gas Losing Economic Luster, July 2021

Emerging Technology Trends in the C&I Rooftop Solar Market in India, July 2021

AGL Energy’s Path of Shareholder Value (and Environmental) Destruction, July 2021

Gas Demand Is Dying Under the Weight of Nose Bleed Prices – An Analysis of the International Gas Union’s Wholesale Price Survey, July 2021

Global Investors Move into Renewable Infrastructure, July 2021

Overestimated Financial Viability of India’s Coal-fired Power Plants, July 2021

New Policy and Market Risks for U.S. LNG Project Sponsors in Emerging Asia, June 2021

Putting Indonesia’s Net Zero Ambition into Context, June 2021

Australia’s Gas-fired Recovery Under Scrutiny – Inaccurate Assumptions Behind Fossil Fuel Power Plants’ Capacity Factor Leads to Financial Overvaluations, June 2021

Vanguard Group: Passive About Climate Change. Despite Net Zero Pledges, Vanguard Is Indifferent to Climate and Investors’ Best Interests, June 2021

A Renewed Push for Solar-Powered Irrigation Would Accelerate India’s Energy Transition, June 2021

ExxonMobil: Permian Leader or Just Another Fracker? June 2021

Deepening India’s Short-Term Power Market With Derivatives, June 2021

Perceived Road Revenue and Excise Tax Gap Not a Barrier to EVs – Australia’s Fuel Excise Revenue Fallen Nearly 70% in Real Terms in 20 Years, June 2021

New Coal-Fired Power Plants in India: Reality or Just Numbers? June 2021

A Grid Dominated by Wind and Solar Is Possible. South Australia: A Window Into the Future, June 2021

Tackling Indonesia’s Nuclear Power Euphoria, June 2021

Carbon Neutral Bonds: Has China Set the Bar Too Low? June 2021

Where’s the Beef? Enchant’s San Juan Generating Station CCS Retrofit Remains Behind Schedule and Financially Unviable, May 2021 May 2021

IEEFA Comments to FERC re Certificate of Necessity, May 2021

Bangladesh Must Plan for the Energy Transition to Renewables Expectations From the Upcoming Integrated Energy and Power Master Plan, May 2021

Vietnam’s PDP8 Pause Is an Opportunity to Improve Market Structures, May 2021

Queensland Competition Authority Should Exit Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pricing Regulation, May 2021

There’s No Second Life For Coal in Pakistan: Any Coal-to-Liquids and Coal-to-Gas Projects Would Need Unaffordable Subsidy Support, May 2021

No Guaranteed Future for Imported Gas in the Philippines, May 2021

Paying for Failure: High Fees for Finance Consultants Shortchange Puerto Rico Electrical Grid, April 2021, April 2021

Blunt Instrument: Uncompensated Solar Cut-Off Isn’t the Only Solution to the Minimum Demand ‘Problem’, April 2021

Boundary Dam 3 Coal Plant Achieves Goal of Capturing 4 Million Metric Tons of CO2 But Reaches the Goal Two Years Late, April 2021

There Are Two Elephants in the LNG Room, April 2021

India Coal Stockpiles at Record High at Close of Financial Year 2020-2021, April 2020

India’s Power Sale Agreement (PSA) Hold-Up: Fixing a Renewable Energy Bottleneck, April 2021

Testimony of Tom Sanzillo – Before the Puerto Rico House of Representatives Commission on Economic Development, April 6, 2021

IEEFA series: Key Shortcomings in Duke’s North Carolina IRPs, An Issue-By-Issue Analysis

U.S. Power Sector Outlook 2021: Rapid Transition Continues to Reshape Country’s Electricity Generation, March 2021

Lessons From Australia for India on Integrating Distributed Energy Resources (DER), March 2021

Should Santos’ Proposed Barossa Gas ‘Backfill’ for the Darwin LNG Facility Proceed to Development? March 2021

In a Tumultuous 2020, Shale Firms Slashed Capex to Generate Cash, March 2021

Formosa’s Louisiana Project: Wrong Products, Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Finances, March 2021

The Northern Territory Is Pinning Its Hopes On a Declining Industry – The Gas-Fired Recovery is Being Overtaken By Battery Technology and Changing Export Markets, March 2021

How Green is India’s Stimulus for Economic Recovery? March 2021

Australia’s Opportunity To Plan Ahead for a Secure Zero-Emissions Electricity Grid – Towards Ending the Reliance on Inertia for Grid Stability, March 2021

When Net-zero Means Not-zero, March 2021

Vietnam’s PDP8 Should Be a Catalyst for Innovation, Not a Barrier to Change, March 2021

We Want Sun and We Want More, March 2021

Mountain Valley Pipeline Faces Financial Plunge, March 2021

Running on Fumes: Oil and Gas Supermajor Cash Woes Worsened in 2020, March 2021

Renewable Energy Integration: India’s Next Big Challenge, February 2021

Fast Erosion of Coal Plant Profits in the National Electricity Market: Analysis of Likely 2025 Generation MIX Shows Coal Plant Revenue Reductions of 44% – 67%, February 2021

The Impact of the 10kW Net Metering Limit on India’s Rooftop Solar Market, February 2021

Key Shortcomings in Duke’s North Carolina IRPs ⎼ Part 3, February 2021

Capital Flows Underpinning India’s Energy Transformation, February 2021

Bad News for Coal in the Southwest Power Pool, February 2021

Indonesia’s Biomass Cofiring Bet – Beware of Implementation Risks, February 2021

Key Shortcomings in Duke’s North Carolina IRPs, An Issue-By-Issue Analysis: Part 2, February 2021

The Biden Administration Has An Opportunity to Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Electrical Infrastructure, January 2021

Key Shortcomings in Duke Energy’s North Carolina IRPs – Part 1, January 2021

Power Overcapacity Worsening in Bangladesh Switch in Focus From Coal and LNG To Renewables and Grid Can Address the Problem, January 2021

Beyond the Noise: Setting the Right Expectations for Vietnam’s LNG Project Pipeline – Regulators and Market Realities Will Give Investors No Easy Route To Success, January 2021

Gas and LNG Price Volatility to Increase in 2021 – Buyer Beware, January 2021

Viability Assessment of New Domestic Solar Module Manufacturing Units – Can India Compete Against China in PV Production? January 2021

PLN’s ‘Green Ambition’ Hangs In The Balance – What The Company Should Do To Be Taken Seriously By Investors, December 2020

Time for AIA To Prove Their Climate Credentials – AIA Is Too Important To Lag Global Insurers in Coal Investment, Divestment, and Exclusion, December 2020

FERC’s Failure to Analyze Energy Market Forces: Risks to Ratepayers, Landowners and the Overall Economy, December 2020

Virginia Coal Plant’s Future Isn’t Bright: Preparation for Transition Should Commence Now, December 2020

Building a Robust Intra-State Transmission Sector To Achieve India’s Renewable Energy Goals, December 2020

Hiding in Plain Sight—European Gas Pipeline Companies’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions, December 2020

Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill 2020, December 2020

U.S. Frackers Slash Capital Investment to Lowest Level in Over a Decade, December 2020

Despite Drastic CapEx Cuts, Appalachian Frackers Spill Red Ink in Third Quarter—Again, December 2020

COVID and carbon crunch: Why PGE’s ‘Strategy 2030’ already looks dated, November 2020

Why India’s Solar Power Tariffs Reached an Historic Low, November 2020

Indian Railways at the Junction, November 2020

Renewables are a More Affordable, Reliable and Resilient Solution for Small Island and Isolated Power Grids, November 2020

Technical Comments on the Orlando Utilities Commission’s Draft 2020 Electric Integrated Resource Plan Report, November 2020

Growing Risks to PJM Network’s Gas-fired Projects. Are Japan and Korea Ready? November 2020

KEPCO’s Recent Green Bond Failed the ESG Market Test, November 2020

Overseas Coal Projects Raise Questions for Sumitomo – Trading House Lags Behind its Japanese Peers on Thermal Coal, November 2020

Snowy Hydro’s Cash Drain, November 2020

With Long-Term Fossil Commitments, Colorado Electricity Wholesaler Is Alienating Cost-Conscious Co-ops, November 2020

Why the Gas Industry Can’t Stimulate the Economy, November 2020

The Economic Case for Adani To Lead India’s Domestic Energy Strategy, November 2020

Proposed DME Project in Indonesia (D)oes Not (M)ake (E)conomic Sense – Annual Losses Will Be US$377 million, Costing More Than LPG Import Savings, November 2020

Philippines Moratorium on Greenfield Coal Projects Will Attract USD 30 Billion in Renewable Energy Investment – Policymakers and Industry Leaders Ready To Embrace More Cost-Effective Clean Energy Options, November 2020

New Regulations Threaten Vietnam’s Remaining Coal Pipeline – Foreign Investors Will Need Special Treatment To Avoid New PPP Law, November 2020

Negotiating Responsible Tax Breaks on Renewable Energy Deals: A Brief Guide to Community Due Diligence, October 2020

Beyond Coal: Investing in Kosovo’s Energy Future, October 2020

ExxonMobil’s Industry Leadership Deteriorates Under CEO Darren Woods, October 2020

Guyana’s Oil Deal: Promise of Quick Cash Will Leave Country Shortchanged, October 2020

Running Out of Options, Six Questions for PLN – Can the Ministry of Finance Find an Exit Plan?, October 2020

The Case for Indexed Renewable Energy Tariffs, October 2020

New Mexico’s Risky Reliance on Oil Revenue Must Change: Industry Fundamentals Point to Long-Term Decline, October 2020

From Zero to 50: Global Finance is Fleeing Oil and Gas, October 2020

In U.S. Oil Country, Renewables Reign – A Texan Lesson in Energy Markets for Australia, October 2020

Conference Board of Canada Doubles Down on Its Losing LNG Bet, October 2020

Leader To Laggard ExxonMobil’s Financial Troubles Intensify, October 2020

Biggest Utility in New Mexico Moves Forcefully Toward Solar, October 2020

Contract with LUMA Energy Sets up Full Privatization Higher Rates, October 2020

Wind-Solar Hybrid: India’s Next Wave of Renewable Energy Growth, October 2020

Risks Outweigh Rewards for Investors Considering PJM Natural Gas Projects, October 2020

Ratepayers face risks with Project Tundra’s retrofit of aging N.D. coal-fired plant, October 2020

The Narrabri Gas Project – Supplementary Submission to the Independent Planning Commission, September 2020

Deepening India’s Short-Term Power Market, September 2020

Project Tundra – A Step in the Wrong Direction, September 2020

Despite Pandemic Disruptions, India’s Renewable Energy Sector is Still Primed for Growth, September 2020

Vietnam’s EVN Faces the Future: Time to Get Renewables Right, September 2020

Long-Term Power Plant Contracts Saddle AMP Communities With High Electricity Prices, September 2020

Dwindling Odds of Success for Retrofit of New Mexico Coal Plant for Carbon Capture, September 2020

Transforming Rajasthan’s Electricity Sector, September 2020

Pandemic Accelerates Dismal Financial Performance of U.S. Fracking Companies, September 2020

An Aluminium-led Energy & Industry Renewal for Central Queensland, September 2020

Indonesian Coal: No Bailout, Don’t Throw Good Money after Bad, September 2020

Buying Power From AMP’s Prairie State and Combined Hydro Project a Financial Disaster for Cleveland Public Power Ratepayers, September 2020

India’s Power Distribution Sector Needs Further Reform, September 2020

Despite Capex Cuts, Appalachian Frackers Report Negative Free Cash Flow in Second Quarter 2020, September 2020

Pakistan Risks Locking in Long-Term Overcapacity and Expensive Power, September 2020

Never Waste a Crisis – Indonesia’s PLN Needs A Coherent Strategy to Ride Out the COVID-19 Pandemic, September 2020

India Unable to Compete with Record Low Solar Tariffs in Gulf Region, August 2020

Reviewing Key Proposals by the COVID-19 Advisory Board To Subsidise the Gas Industry: The Government Is Attempting To Pick Winners but Has Chosen a Loser, August 2020

The Narrabri Gas Project – Submission to Independent Planning Commission, August 2020

Major Oil Companies’ Ongoing Struggle to Pay Shareholders Out of Cash Flows from Operations Accelerates in Dismal Second Quarter, August 2020

Great Expectations: Asia, Australia and Europe Leading Emerging Green Hydrogen Economy, but Project Delays Likely, August 2020

Utah Bailout of Bankrupt California Coal-Export Project Would Likely Fail, August 2020

As Oil and Gas Wane, Texas Wind Industry Ascends, August 2020

Divestment vs Sterilisation: What to Do With BHP’s Stranded Coal Assets, August 2020

The Curious Case of India’s Discoms, August 2020

Testimony to U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources hearing on Puerto Rico T&D agreement by Tom Sanzillo, August 4, 2020

Petra Nova Mothballing Post-Mortem: Closure of Texas Carbon Capture Plant Is a Warning Sign , August 2020

No Upside: The U.S. LNG Buildout Faces Price Resistance from China, July 2020

Supermajors’ Trajectory Towards Renewables Needs to Scale Up and Speed Up, July 2020

Powering up Sunshine – Untapped Opportunities in India’s Rooftop Solar Market, July 2020

Another Expensive Mistake by NTEC: Wasting More of the Navajo Nation’s Resources at Four Corners, July 2020

Solar Surge Set to Drive Much of Remaining Texas Coal-Fired Fleet Offline, July 2020

Carbon Capture and Storage Is About Reputation, Not Economics, July 2020

Volts from the Blue – Is Combined Floating Solar and Hydro the Energy Solution for ASEAN? June 2020

Thar Coal Locking Pakistan Into Unsustainable Capacity Payments, June 2020

Indonesian Coal at the Mercy of the Dragon and Tiger, June 2020

Cuts in Capex and Cash from Hedging Give Appalachian Frackers Positive Free Cash Flow in First Quarter, June 2020

Vaca Muerta Update: Faltering Development Plans for Argentina’s Shale Reserves Will Accelerate Without Foreign Investment, June 2020

The Philippines Power Sector Can Reach Resilience by 2021, June 2020

Federal Land Agency Lags on Solar Development Approvals Across Southwest U.S., June 2020

Why Aluminium Smelters are a Critical Component in Australian Decarbonisation, June 2020

Flaring Burns Texas Economy: Commission’s Failure to Stop Waste Runs Risk of Letting the State’s Financial Future Go Off the Rails, June 2020

Is Puerto Rico’s Energy Future Rigged? Examining the New $1.5 billion Fortress-PREPA Deal, June 2020

Greening the European Heating Sector, June 2020

Renewables Continue to Break Records Despite COVID-19 Impacts, June 2020

Shell’s Pennsylvania Petrochemical Complex: Financial Risks and a Weak Outlook, June 2020

Gas Cannot Stimulate the Economy, Reduce Emissions, or Provide Cheap Power, June 2020

Question Time for KEPCO’s Board, June 2020

In Q1, Four of Five Oil Majors Paid More Cash than They Made from Operations, May 2020

Developers and Global Investors Snap Up India’s Solar Power Tenders – Decoding Tariffs vs. Returns for Solar Projects in India, May 2020

Bangladesh Power Review: Overcapacity, Capacity Payments, Subsidies and Tariffs Are Set to Rise Even Faster, May 2020

Corporate Renewables Case Study: Facebook’s Green Energy Goals Are Speeding the Transition Of New Mexico’s Electricity Sector, May 2020

India’s Utility-Scale Solar Parks—A Global Success Story May 2020

Can the Indonesian Coal Industry Survive COVID-19? May 2020

The Central Bank’s Sustainable Finance Framework Offers New Support for Energy Transition and Renewables May 2020

India’s Power Finance Corporation continues to fund non-performing coal assets, May 2020

Who Would Still Fund a New Coal Power Plant in India?, May 2020

Public Comments on Rocky Mountain Power 2019 Integrated Resource Plan, April 2020

Playing With Matches—Who Should Take Responsibility for PLN’s Financial Mess? April 2020

Southeast and East Asia Catching Up in Global Race to Exit Coal, April 2020

Proposed NESE Gas Pipeline in New York: A Bad Bargain for Ratepayers and Taxpayers, April 2020

The Australian LNG Industry’s Growth – and the Decline in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards, April 2020

India’s power system operators demonstrate the fine art of grid management, April 2020

IEEFA Comments to the Texas Railroad Commission, April 2020

It’s Time to Retire, Not Bail Out, OVEC’s Aging and Expensive Coal Plants, April 2020

PLN in Crisis‒Time for Independent Power Producers to Share the Pain? April 2020

Beyond Their Means: Oil Majors Pay More to Shareholders Than They Earn by Selling Oil and Gas, April 2020

ExxonMobil’s Planned Assets Sales: Another Strategic Misstep, April 2020

Santos’ Accounts Are Not “True and Fair”, Oil Price Assumptions Are Too High, March 2020

U.S. Coal Outlook 2020: Market Trends Pushing Industry Ever Closer to a Reckoning, March 2020

 In Extremis: Crisis Mounts for Appalachian Shale Producers, March 2020

Tech Giants’ Investments in Renewable Power Purchase Agreements Lead the Way, March 2020

A Coalfield Reinvestment Formula for the Grand Canyon State, March 2020

Proposed PTTGC Petrochemical Complex in Ohio Faces Significant Risks, March 2020

46 Gigawatts of Proposed Coal-Fired Power Projects Cancelled in 12 Months, With 600 Gigawatts Cancelled Last Decade, March 2020

Shale Producers Spilled $2.1 Billion in Red Ink Last Year, March 2020

India’s Power Distribution Sector Needs Further Reform, March 2020

Is the Gas Industry Facing its Volkswagen Moment? Gas Is More Emissions Intensive Than the Gas Industry’s Marketing Arm Suggests, March 2020

The Case (and the Mechanisms) for Utility-Company Reinvestment in Arizona’s Coalfield Communities, February 2020

Racing Towards 23% Renewable Energy, February 2020

Oil Majors’ Shrinking Capital Expenditures (Capex) Signal a Mature Industry in Decline, February 2020

Norden is Leading the World on Fossil Fuel Divestment, February 2020

Santos Racked Up Nearly $7bn in Unconventional Gas and LNG Losses in 5 Years, February 2020

India’s Renewable Energy Policy Headwinds, February 2020

Paying Less for More – How Auctions Can Transform the Philippines Power Sector, February 2020

Enchant’s Proposed CCS Project at the San Juan Generating Station: False Promises and Major Risks, February 2020

How to Create a Profitable Polish Electricity System, February 2020

Increasing Competition in India’s Transmission Sector, February 2020

California Schemin’: California Resources Corporation’s Financial Distress Raises Questions About Cleanup, February 2020

IEEFA letter to Governor Vasquez, January 2020

Bankruptcies in Fracking Sector Mount in 2019, January 2020

Living Beyond Their Means: Cash Flows of Five Oil Majors Can’t Cover Dividends, Buybacks, January 2020

Teck Resources’ Frontier Oil Sands Project Shows Reckless Disregard for Financials, January 2020

Tipping Point: Global Renewable Energy Leaders Outperform on Global Equity Markets, December 2019

Electricity Power Agreements in the Australian Corporate Market, December 2019

Seriously Stressed and Stranded: The Burden of Non-Performing Assets in India’s Thermal Power Sector, December 2019

New Incentives Brighten Turkey’s Rooftop Solar Sector (English), December 2019

Steering by the Southern Sun – Australians Are Missing a Trick on Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles, December 2019

Diversification on the Cards for Indian State-Owned Enterprises – Going Green for Growth and to Stay Relevant, December 2019

Dim Future for Illinois Basin Coal: Market Forces and Shifting Preferences Are Eroding Customer Base Domestically and Abroad, December 2019

Oil and Gas Production in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta Awaits Direction from New President, December 2019

Cleaned Out by Bankruptcy: A Primer on Environmental Cleanup Duties in Bankruptcy, December 2019

DSchlissel Testimony before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission on San Juan Generating Station, November 15, 2019

Mounting Negative Cash Flows Highlight Struggles of Appalachian Fracked Gas Producers, November 2019

Global Coal Power Set for Record Fall in 2019, November 2019

Trans Mountain Pipeline Financials Suggest Taxpayer Dollars at Risk, November 2019

U.S. Fracking Sector Spills More Red Ink—Again, November 2019

The Case for System Transformation in Indonesia: Time for a Full Electricity System Audit, November 2019

Australia’s First Offshore Wind Project a Step in the Right Direction, November 2019

Rix’s Creek South Continuation of Mining Project (SSD 6300): IEEFA’s expert opinion to the NSW Independent Planning Commission, October 2019

CSG what is in it for Queensland, October 2019

Letter to the Legislative Assembly Regarding Restructuring Agreement for PREPA, October 2019

In Powder River Basin Debut, NTEC Stumbles, October 2019

Tribal Utility-Scale Solar Initiatives Advance Across Southwest U.S., October 2019

Offshore Wind Ready to Be Key Part of Energy Mix Globally – Top European Developers to Drive Down Costs in Asia Pacific, October 2019

Political and Economic Crisis Throws Argentina’s Energy Market into Disarray, October 2019

To Embrace a Profitable Energy Future, Poland’s PGE Must Abandon Plans for a New Lignite Mine, October 2019

IEEFA report: GE’s Q3 loss, write-off likely to be $9+billion, October 2019

Coal-Fired Power Generation Is In Freefall Across the Southeast U.S., October 2019

Inquiry into the Prerequisites for Nuclear Energy in Australia: Technology Has Moved On. Nuclear is No Longer A Viable nor Cost Competitive Option for Australia, September 2019

Bombing Saudi Oilfields: The Risk to Collective Action on Climate Change from State-Owned Oil Interests, September 2019

Doosan Heavy: Time for a Forensic Audit, September 2019

Prospects Improve for Energy Transition in the Philippines, September 2019

Vietnam’s Solar FiT Program Delivers:Watch for Progress on the Grid and Wind, September 2019

South African Coal Exports Outlook – Approaching Long-Term Decline, September 2019

Bill to Spark Federal Post-Coal Reinvestment in Arizona Tribal Communities Is a Good Beginning, September 2019

NTPC spearheads electricity sector transition in India, September 2019

A Silver Lining in Argentina’s Financial Crisis ‒ An Opportunity to Rethink its Energy Plan, September 2019

NTEC Move to Buy Cloud Peak Mines Is an Increasingly Questionable Wager, September 2019

Fact Sheet:  Navajo Nation Faces Financial, Sovereign Risk in NTEC’s Proposed Acquisition of Cloud Peak Mines, September 2019

Flexing India’s Energy System Through Market Mechanisms – A Recipe for India to Achieve a Least Cost, Low Carbon Electricity Market Twice Today’s Size, September 2019

Risks Growing for India’s Coal Sector, September 2019

13 Questions on NTEC’s Bid to Buy Powder River Basin Coal Mines From Bankrupt Cloud Peak, August 2019

Gujarat’s electricity sector transformation – A Role Model of India’s Electricity Transition, August 2019

Billionaire Adani Being Subsidised for Carmichael Thermal Coal Mine – Adani’s Thermal Coal Mine in Queensland Will Never Stand on Its Own Two Feet, August 2019

Proposed Navajo Acquisition of Bankrupt U.S. Coal Company Is an Ill-Timed Gamble, August 2019

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Debt Restructuring: A Weak Deal Plagued by Scandal, August 2019

U.S. Fracking Sector Disappoints Yet Again, August 2019

International Capital Awaits Robust Policy Environment in India’s Renewables Infrastructure Sector, August 2019

Adani Carmichael Contractor Risks, August 2019

High-Risk Carbon-Capture Deal Is Not in New Mexico City’s Best Interest, August 2019

Exxon Mobil’s Q2 2019 Earnings: Eleven Facts the Company Would Like Investors to Forget, August 2019

Peabody, in Kayenta Exit, Is Abandoning Native Workforce Ahead of Reclamation Work,  August 2019

Inaction is BlackRock’s Biggest Risk During the Energy Transition: Still Lagging in Sustainable Investing Leadership, August 2019

New Risk Factors Emerge as GE Shutters California Power Plant, July 2019

BHP to Link Executive Compensation to Reductions in Emissions Generated from the Use of Its Products, July 2019

Disruption in Motion: India Energy Transition Fuels Growth Path for Sustainable Development, July 2019

Novice Company’s Carbon Capture Pitch Offers False Hope, Fiscal Risk to Farmington, N.M., July 2019

Risks to Fracking Companies in Appalachia Mount, July 2019

Japanese Thermal Coal Consumption Approaching Long Term Decline: Australia’s Biggest Export Destination to Transition Away from Coal, July 2019

Towards a Domestic Gas Reservation in Australia, July 2019

Problems in Paradise: Closing TVA’s Aging Coal Unit is the Right Decision, June 2019

Conflating Queensland’s Coking and Thermal Coal Industries, June 2019

Advances in Electricity Storage Suggest Rapid Disruption of U.S. Electricity Sector, June 2019

IEEFA Australia: Queensland government about to make poor economic decision on Adani mine, June 2019

The Proposed Lamu Coal Plant: The Wrong Choice for Kenya, June 2019

General Electric Misread the Energy Transition: A Cautionary Tale, June 2019

Red Ink Keeps Flowing for U.S. Fracking Sector, June 2019

Bailout Bill a Bonanza for FirstEnergy Solutions, but a Boondoggle for Ohio Consumers, May 2019

Vast Potential of Rooftop Solar in India, May 2019

The Risks to Coal Plants in the Coming Years, Workshop Presentation, Just Transitions for Coal-Dependent Communities in the Southwest, May 2019

As Coal Economy Collapses, Imminent Public Budget Crisis Confronts Hopi-Navajo Tribes, May 2019

The Renewable Energy Infrastructure Opportunity for Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS), May 2019

Post Election, India Must Formalise Energy Reforms, May 2019

Electric Vehicles and Batteries Can Drive Growth of Residential Solar, May 2019

Extending the Full Federal Solar Tax Credit by Four Years (Through 2024) for Coalfield Communities, May 2019

India’s Electricity Sector Transition Still on Track Despite a Weak FY2018/19, April 2019

Briefing Note: South Korea Shifting Further Away from Coal, April 2019

Tata Power: “Renewables to Power Growth”, April 2019

Why Renewables are the Solution for Australia, April 2019

Indonesia at the Tipping Point: Will it be Coal Lock-in or a Clean Future? April 2019

Massive gas subsidy will further gas cartel profits at Australian gas consumers’ expense, April 2019

Testimony by Tom Sanzillo,  U.S. House Natural Resources Committee hearing on The Status of the Rebuilding and Privatization of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA),” April 2019

Colorado’s Energy Impact Assistance Act is Short-sighted, April 2019

Trans Mountain Pipeline Financials: Built on Quicksand and Clear as Mud, April 2019

Case Study: How Kit Carson Electric Engineered a Cost-Effective Coal Exit, April 2019

ExxonMobil’s Prodigal Reserves Return: Company Rebooks 3.2 Billion Barrels, March 2019

Navajo-Hopi Transition Impact Investment Fund, March 2019

Coal Outlook 2019 – Domestic Market Decline Continues, March 2019

Pumped Hydro Storage in India – Getting the right plans in place to achieve a lower cost, low carbon electricity market, March 2019

Financial Risks Cloud Development of Argentina’s Vaca Muerta Oil and Gas Reserve, March 2019

Executive Summary: Financial Risks Cloud Development of Argentina’s Vaca Muerta, March 2019

More Red Flags on Fracking: Cash Flows Still Negative, March 2019

Powder River Basin Coal Industry Is in Long‑Term Decline, March 2019

Marubeni Update: Continuing Coal-fired Power Risks, March 2019

The Philippine Energy Transition: Building a Robust Power Market, March 2019

NTEC Plan Presents Unknown, Potentially Limitless Liabilities, March 2019

Indonesia’s solar policies – designed to fail? February 2019

Over 100 Global Financial Institutions Are Exiting Coal, With More to Come, February 2019

NTEC’s Plant/Mine Acquisition Plan Puts Navajo Nation at Serious Financial Risk, February 2019

Falling Short Shale Development in West Virginia Fails to Deliver on Economic Promise, February 2019

IEEFA Response to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Analysis of the “Keep it in the Ground” Movement, February 2019

Fossil Fuel Investments: Looking Backwards May Prove Costly to Investors in Today’s Market, February 2019

IEEFA supports the Galilee Basin (Coal Prohibition) Bill 2018, February 2019

PREPA Privatization Will Hurt Consumers and Slow Economic Recovery, January 2019

Recalculating India’s 2030 thermal coal import needs, January 2019

The Vanishing Need for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, January 2019

No Profitable Future for Navajo Generating Station, January 2019

China at a Crossroads: Continued Support for Coal Power Erodes China’s Clean Energy Leadership, January 2019

India’s Grid Transmission Infrastructure Needs Further Modernisation, Urgently: Growth in Renewable Energy Investment Slowing Due to Grid Limitations, January 2019

Flexing India’s Energy System – Making the case for the right price signals through time-of- day pricing, January 2019

A Bad Bet: Owning the Four Corners Coal Plant is a Risky Gamble for the Navajo Nation and the Plant’s Other Owners, December 2018

Opportunity for Navajo Nation in Post-Coal Reclamation Economy, December 2018

Pakistan’s Power Future: Renewable Energy Provides a More Diverse, Secure and Cost-Effective Alternative, December 2018

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