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Fact Sheet: Blue Hydrogen - Don't believe the hype

October 03, 2023
David Schlissel and Anika Juhn
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Blue hydrogen fact sheet

Read the full report here.

David Schlissel

David Schlissel is an IEEFA analyst with 50 years of experience as an economic and technical consultant on energy and environmental issues. 

He has testified as an expert witness before regulatory commissions in more than 35 states and before the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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Anika Juhn

Anika develops custom data visualizations that distill complex analytical findings into compelling data-driven stories and graphics. She also collaborates with colleagues around the globe on research topics that benefit from spatial analysis using GIS and other analytical tools. Before joining IEEFA, Anika provided data analysis, visualization, and spatial analysis for various organizations and government agencies. Projects included supporting FEMA-funded flood map modernization and atlas production at the U.S. Census Bureau.

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