IEEFA Australia: Reviewing access, pricing and incentive arrangements for distributed energy resources

Planning must begin for a zero-inertia zero-emissions electricity system

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AMEC) has sought assistance to make distributed energy resources an integrated part of the national electricity market (NEM) for the benefit of everyone. When the NEM operating on the east coast of Australia was designed, there was almost no rooftop solar or other small generation, demand response or storage in […]

IEEFA Australia: ESB’s capacity payment likely to increase consumers’ electricity bills

Proposed capacity mechanism could be more expensive than the carbon price, and is likely to favour coal generators

The Energy Security Board’s (ESB) recommended capacity payments for electricity generators will benefit polluting fossil fuel-based electricity generation over renewables. And energy consumers will wear this cost. The Physical Retailer Reliability Obligation (PRRO), which will provide a new revenue stream to generators in the form of capacity payments, has been proposed by the ESB as […]

IEEFA: In the Philippines, coal’s demise makes way for a renewable energy boom

Imported gas lock-in could undermine the economic benefits of a clean energy transition

The Philippines’ energy sector is on the brink of rapid change, with fossil fuels struggling to maintain relevance and a renewable energy industry poised for takeoff. Much of the country’s progress on clean energy and climate goals is due to the exceptional work of local activists applying pressure on policymakers to accelerate the clean energy […]

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IEEFA: China is supporting over 50% of coal power development in largest remaining project pipelines

As finance shifts from coal, China is looking isolated as the last enabler of coal-fired power overseas

A review of coal power proposals in countries with large remaining project pipelines indicates that 56% of the total capacity of these proposals is being supported by China. Historically just one of the major providers of finance to overseas coal power projects, China has more recently looked increasingly isolated as other nations and financial institutions […]

IEEFA: Wyoming’s tough lesson: economic reality can’t be legislated away

Black Hills integrated resource plan shows futility of state’s pro-coal legislation

Wyoming politicians have worked feverishly over the last couple of years to protect the state’s struggling coal industry, but economic reality can’t be legislated away. That simple fact is readily apparent in the integrated resource plan (IRP) filed last month by Black Hills Corporation, which owns two small investor-owned utilities that do business in the […]

IEEFA: Navajo Nation, Hopi tribe advocates push for fair energy transition outcome in Arizona

Decades of coal mining spur Navajo and Hopi efforts to urge federal intervention for environmental justice

As the energy transition gains momentum around the globe, the IEEFA documentary, “Local Leadership, Global Change: Navajo Nation & Hopi Tribe” focuses on how indigenous-led organizations are raising awareness of the need to shift away from a fossil fuel-based economy. The documentary centers on the Navajo and Hopi tribal members living on reservation lands in […]

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IEEFA: Understanding India’s latest peak power demand record

Ramping up solar will be crucial as peak power demand hits during the day

At around noon on 7 July 2021, India’s instantaneous power demand touched a historic high of 200 gigawatts (GW), beating the previous all-time high of 197GW which had been reached only the day before. These two consecutive days of record-breaking peak demand marked a sharp increase from the high of 190GW in financial year (FY) […]

IEEFA U.S.: Arizona should move quickly to approve precedent-setting proposal for coal community transition

Utility plan would provide significant benefits for Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe

A coal community transition funding proposal pending before the Arizona Corporation Commission would provide much-needed financial support for the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe and other communities affected by the shift from coal to cleaner generation sources. The commission, which regulates electric utilities, should move quickly to approve it, especially given that two years already have […]

IEEFA: Puerto Rico has chance to use billions in federal aid for creation of resilient, renewable grid

More than $14 billion in federal funds should be used to increase Puerto Rico renewable sources

Puerto Rico should take advantage of a unique opportunity to deploy billions of dollars of federal funding to create a resilient, decentralized electrical system based on renewable energy—an opportunity that neither the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) nor private operator LUMA Energy has shown any interest in pursuing. That was the core theme of […]

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IEEFA: Puerto Rico tiene la oportunidad de usar miles de millones en ayuda federal para la creación de una red resiliente y renovable

Más de $14 mil millones en fondos federales deben ser utilizados para aumentar las fuentes renovables de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico debe aprovechar una oportunidad única para desplegar miles de millones de dólares de fondos federales para crear un sistema eléctrico resiliente y descentralizado basado en energía renovable, una oportunidad que ni la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica de Puerto Rico (AEE) ni el operador privado LUMA Energy han mostrado interés en perseguir. Ese fue […]

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