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Submission to AEMO on DSP Forecasting Technology

November 29, 2023
Johanna Bowyer and Gabrielle Kuiper and Amandine Denis-Ryan
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Submission to Australian Energy Market Operator

28 November 2023

To: AEMO – [email protected]

RE: Demand Side Participation (DSP) Forecasting Methodology and DSP Information Guidelines Consultation

Thank you for the opportunity for the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) to provide input on the draft changes to the Demand Side Participation (DSP) Forecasting Methodology and Demand Side Participation Information (DSPI) Guidelines.

Please see IEEFA’s view on the consultation in the following pages. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our submission and the review with AEMO.


Johanna Bowyer – Lead Analyst, Australian Electricity

Dr Gabrielle Kuiper – Guest Contributor, IEEFA

Amandine Denis-Ryan – CEO, IEEFA Australia

Types of flexible demand

Read the full submission here

Johanna Bowyer

Johanna Bowyer is the Lead Analyst for Australian Electricity at IEEFA. Her research is focused on trends in the National Electricity Market, energy policy and decarbonisation.

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Gabrielle Kuiper

A DER Specialist and a Director at The Superpower Institute, Dr. Gabrielle Kuiper is an energy, sustainability and climate change professional with over twenty years’ experience in the corporate world, government and non-government organisations and academia.

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Amandine Denis-Ryan

Amandine Denis-Ryan is CEO of IEEFA's Australia team. Amandine is a recognized expert in net-zero emissions transitions across the economy and led the development of the first domestic net-zero emissions pathway for Australia and subsequent updates.

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