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Fact Sheet: Steel decarbonisation opportunity in Middle East and North Africa

September 12, 2022
Soroush Basirat
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Key Findings

The dominant primary steelmaking technology in the MENA region is gas-based DRI-EAF (direct reduced iron-electric arc furnace).

MENA could be a global leader of steel decarbonisation if the region shifts promptly towards green hydrogen and renewables.

MENA’s world-leading solar potential will allow for green hydrogen production at a competitive price.

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Soroush Basirat

Soroush Basirat is an Energy Finance Analyst with IEEFA Australia, examining the global steel sector with particular focus on green technology transition and the opportunities and barriers for different nations and companies.

Soroush analyses the feasibility of green steel solutions and their requirements for the whole value chain.

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