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Access, pricing and incentive arrangements for distributed energy resources (ERC0311) - AEMC draft determination

May 31, 2021
Gabrielle Kuiper
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Key Findings

Treating export services as a distribution service is a necessary and important step in the energy transition

Consumers need to be confident in the export services provided by Distribution Network Service Providers 

The focus should be on urgent issues of distributed energy resource integration.

Executive Summary

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AMEC) is to be commended for seeking to help make distributed energy resources (DER) an integrated part of the national electricity system for the benefit of everyone. When the National Electricity Market (NEM) was designed, there was almost no rooftop solar or other small generation, demand response or storage in the system. The National Electricity Law (NEL) and Rules (NER) for distribution networks were focused on efficient one-way flows of electricity from large generators to homes and businesses. No responsibility for the efficient or effective integration of DER was incorporated into the responsibilities of Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs). Now that over 2.7 million homes in the NEM have solar systems installed on their rooftops, such responsibility is well overdue for inclusion in the NER.

Press release: Australian government emissions projections show 44% of coal capacity will close by 2030

Please view full report PDF for references and sources.

Gabrielle Kuiper

DER Specialist and Senior Adviser to the Smart Energy Council, Dr. Gabrielle Kuiper is an energy, sustainability and climate change professional with over twenty years’ experience in the corporate world, government and non-government organizations and academia. She was previously the DER Strategy Specialist with the Energy Security Board.

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