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Carbon capture is being touted as an effective "green" solution for reducing harmful CO2 emissions. IEEFA analysts David Schlissel and Dennis Wamsted present the results of their new analysis of Carbon Capture's Methane Problem and why the claim of CCS supporters that 90%-95% of the CO2 from fossil-fired generators will be captured is a myth. View Webinar.

  • What: WEBINAR: Carbon capture's methane problem

  • When: Wednesday, August 3rd at 1:00 pm EDT

  • Who:

Author contacts:

David Schlissel ([email protected]) is IEEFA’s director of resource planning analysis.

Dennis Wamsted ([email protected]) is an IEEFA energy analyst.

Media contact: 

Susan Torres ([email protected]) tel: +1 908-565-3451

David Schlissel

David Schlissel is an IEEFA analyst with 50 years of experience as an economic and technical consultant on energy and environmental issues. 

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Dennis Wamsted

Dennis Wamsted focuses on the ongoing transition away from fossil fuels to green generation resources, focusing particularly on the electric power sector. He has 30 years of experience tracking utility transitions and technology developments.

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