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IEEFA India Podcast: Meet the zero-emissions power couple – solar and electric vehicles

June 30, 2021
Vibhuti Garg and Gabrielle Kuiper

India has ambitious plans to become a 100% electric vehicle (EV) nation by 2030, and the government is offering plenty of incentives to accelerate EV uptake.

But the key to decarbonising India’s transport sector will be deploying solar energy-powered EV charging stations across the country.

Solar generation and EVs are a great match for each other

IEEFA’s new podcast explores the potential of combining rooftop solar and EVs.

Vibhuti Garg, Energy Economist and Lead India at IEEFA, talks with distributed energy expert and IEEFA guest contributor Gabrielle Kuiper about why solar generation and EVs (which are essentially ‘batteries on wheels’) are such a great match for each other.

And we also hear from Prateek Saxena, Founder and CEO of Hygge Energy, about his successful proof of concept project to test solar-powered EV charging systems at Indian Oil fuel stations.

Listen to the podcast here

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Vibhuti Garg

Vibhuti Garg is an energy economist and IEEFA Lead India. Vibhuti’s focus is on promoting sustainable development through influencing policy intervention on energy pricing, adoption of new technologies, subsidy reforms, enhancing clean energy access, access to capital and private participation in various areas of the energy sector. 

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Gabrielle Kuiper

Dr Gabrielle Kuiper is a distributed energy resources (DER) specialist and guest contributor. She analyses and writes about rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles, smart appliances and all of the exciting developments happening behind-the-meter and in distribution networks.

She has more than 20 years’ experience in the corporate world, government and non-government organisations and academia, working in a range of organisations from the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) to the Office of the Australian Prime Minister.

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