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Updates on India's electricity capacity, generation and investment

Welcome to the POWERup newsletter, a new offering from IEEFA that captures power capacity installations, electricity generation, and investments in renewable energy from the world’s fastest-growing large economy, India. 

India is the world’s third largest electricity producer, with 1,701 Terawatt-hours of electricity generated in 2023, and is expected to witness electricity demand growth at a compounded annual growth rate of 7.18% for the next five years. The country is bracing to meet the energy needs of a fast-growing economy while transitioning to a cleaner economy leading to a rapidly evolving electricity sector. 

Through our POWERup newsletter, we aim to bring our readers quick access to important Indian electricity sector data and information every quarter.

The newsletter will provide a quick reckoner of the progress India is making toward decarbonising the electricity sector to be on track to meet the 2030 and Net Zero goals.

We hope you subscribe for automatic delivery to your inbox going forward.

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