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IEEFA Energy Finance Conference 2015

March 16-19, 2015

Conference Presentations

Monday, March 16

Panel 1 – State of International Coal Markets

Tim Buckley – Changing Dynamics for the Global Seaborne Thermal Coal Markets

Panel 2 – Current Developments – Utilities and Energy Markets (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

Julien Dumoulin-Smith – 2015 View on Power & The Environment

Panel 3 – Lessons from Failed Coal-Plant Build Out in United States (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

David Schlissel – Why the Proposed U.S.Coal Plant Build-out Failed

Tom Sanzillo – Coal Industry Stakeholder Risks: Financial Decline, Weakening Relations

Betsy Zinser – Prairie State Energy Campus: The One That Got Away

Tuesday, March 17

Panel 4 – Where Are Investors Putting Their Energy Dollars and Why?

Paul Coster- Alt Energy: March Madness

Panel 5 – International expansion of coal plants & mining

Christine Shearer – Boom and Bust: Tracking Global Proposed Coal Plants

Reid Capalino – Carbon Supply Cost Curves:Evaluating Financial Risk to Coal Capital Expenditures

Nicole Ghio – Grassroots Coal Fights Around the World

Panel 6 – Coal Infrastructure Development in China and India (CLE 1.5 APP credits)
Asish Fernandes – Coal and Communities: Fighting for Survival

Nityanand Jayaraman

Panel 7 – Economics and policy of grid-scale storage (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

Sam Jaffe

Panel 8 – Coal Ash Liabilities (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

Eric Schaeffer – The Cost of Coal Ash Mismanagement

Frank Holleman – Cleaning Up the South: The Legacy of Coal Ash
Part 1
Part 2

Panel 10 – Economics and Politics of Pricing Distributed Solar (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

Karl Rabago – Valuing Clean Distributed Energy

Brad Klein

Panel 11 – Energy Efficiency: How Energy Efficiency Can Substitute for New Plants

Tim Buckley – The Global Electricity Market Transition – Energy Efficiency

Tom Eckman – Using Energy Efficiency As A Resource Option Three Decades of Experience from the Pacific Northwest

Panel 12- State of Domestic Coal Mining and Infrastructure

Tom Sanzillo – U.S. Domestic Coal Production, Producers, Outlook

Clark Williams-Derry – Northwest Coal Terminals: Headwinds for Exporters

Kia Ball – Gulf States Coal Exports Campaign Lay of the Land

Wednesday, March 18

Panel 13- Financial Risks for Owners and Ratepayers of Regulated Utilities (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

Gudrun Thompson – Financial Risks for Owners and Ratepayer of Regulated Utilities

Bruce Biewald – Electric Utility Risks and Risk Management

Panel 14 – Recent Developments at RTOs/ISOs and Implications for Coal, Legacy Power Plants, Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

Wil Burns – Recent Developments at RTOs/ISOs and Implications for Coal, Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Panel 16- Looking to the Future for Utilities (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

Jim Hempstead – US Power & Utilities

Dan Bakal

Panel 18- Practical Ideas for Communities Losing Plants & Mines

Erin Heaney – Just Transition in Tonawanda, NY

Peter Hille – Practical Ideas for Communities Losing Plants and Mines

Panel 19- The industry counter-attack to save the utility and fossil-fuel industries (CLE 2 APP credits)

Nachy Kanfer – The Industry Counter-Attack: to Save the Utility and Fossil-Fuel Industries

Panel 20- Natural Gas Exports and Their Implications

Brett Vandenheuval – LNG Opposition: A Case Study

Deb Nardone – Our Wild America: Protecting the Places We Love

Alison Cassady – Panel: Natural Gas Exports and Their Implications — A Focus on the Potential Economic Impacts

Panel 21- Dynamics of Unconventional Natural Gas & Oil Industry, and Future Outlook

Deborah Lawrence – Frackonomics

Charles Blanchard

Thursday, March 19

Panel 22- Oil Investment – Industry Direction and Oil Reserves in a Low Price Environment (CLE 2 APP credits)

Mark Lewis – Toil for Oil Spells Danger for Majors

Deborah Gordon – Oil Sector Dynamics and the Impact on Climate Change

Panel 23- Crude by rail & barge, and crude exports

Lorne Stockman – Crude-by-Rail in North America

Matt Krogh

Eric de Place – What Northwest Crude-by-Rail Terminals Mean for North America

Panel 24- Public Campaigns on Tar Sands: Direction and Financial Impact

Kenny Bruno -President Obama Protect the Sacred

Hannah McKinnon

Panel 25- Economics and Finance of Tar Sands Development

Tom Sanzillo – Tar Sands & Canadian Economic Diversity: Stresses & Opportunities

Tzeporah Berman

Charles Blanchard

Panel 27- Natural Gas Infrastructure Build-Out (CLE 1.5 APP credits)

Nick Fowler – …Shale Changed Everything

John Rosenkranz – Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion Activity

Corporate Finance 101

This training covers the basic elements of a corporate balance sheet; sources of capital for project finance; and how investment decisions get made, with a focus on the coal industry.   PowerPoint presentation

Electric Utility Industry 101

This training provides an overview of the regulation and deregulation in U.S. power markets; the factors that determine the profitability of power plants in different markets; and the metrics that are common used to assess the financial viability of coal plants.    PowerPoint presentation

Natural Gas Industry 101

This training will provide an overview of basic terminology used in the natural gas industry; differences between the different shale plays in the United States; and the structure of the unconventional natural gas industry. Power Point presentation

A training program for environmental advocates and attorneys from around the world. The program is designed to provide advocates and attorneys with the skills to understand and engage in the financial aspects of current debates on fossil fuels.

March 16-19, 2015, NYU School of Law

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