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Acting local: Examples of regional transition programs that work

Tuesday, October 18 (10:30 AM - 11:50 AM EST)

Nicole Horseherder and Gerry Arances and Heidi Binko

Tuesday, October 18 (10:30 AM - 11:50 AM EST)

A look at who and what is driving energy transitions in regional areas, and the strategies that bind local communities towards a common goal. Local leaders from India, the Philippines, and the Navajo Nation will provide examples of how communities are building support for local enterprises, energy sources, and economies from the ground up in support of a just transition.

Speakers: Rwitwika Bhattacharya, Nicole Horseherder, Gerry Arances

Moderator: Heidi Binko

Nicole Horseherder

Nicole Horseherder is Diné from Black Mesa, of the Navajo Nation. Horseherder is Co-Founder and Director of the grassroots organization Tó Nizhóní Ání (TNA, “Sacred Water Speaks”) where she began her work as an interpreter and community organizer. She has led campaigns against coal and new fossil fuel development for the Navajo Nation.

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Gerry Arances

Gerry Arances is a long-term climate and environmental advocate. He has engaged governments, companies, and international and domestic finance institutions concerning the climate crisis and sustainability issues, and has worked with indigenous peoples, communities, andcivic movements in tackling human rights and natural resource and minerals management issues.

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Heidi Binko

As co-founder and executive director of the Just Transition Fund, Heidi Binko is responsible for the design and strategic direction of the organization. With more than 17 years of philanthropic experience on climate, coal, and energy issues, Binko has worked with coal communities throughout the U.S. and in Australia.

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