Guest Contributor: Adrian Blundell-Wignall

IEEFA: The cash hit-list to counter climate change

From Glasgow, the U.S. and Europe must produce three critical fiscal developments to counter climate change

I was struck by the image of the G20 leaders tossing coins over their shoulders into the Trevi Fountain to make a wish. That pretty much sums up what members of that group will be left with – not least our own PM – if they don’t get moving on providing an adjustment mechanism to counter climate […]

IEEFA Update: Why Australia is a bigger carbon pariah than we think

Counting carbon-based exports burned and smelted by others makes Australia the world’s third largest emitter. We can’t disown them as easily as all that.

The Glasgow summit on climate change is looming, and we continue to see Australia pretending to be a small emitter of carbon dioxide on the global stage. It is not by any means. It’s all about Scope III emissions. A subject that Australian governments don’t want to hear about. Both sides of politics are no better […]