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‘No Longer a Gold Mine’

October 07, 2014, a site that specializes in investment trends, takes recent note of the CarbonTracker/IEEFA report on the likelihood that China’s appetite for coal peak in two years.

The headline: “Cheaper alternatives, lagging demand in emerging markets and global environmental worries are turning demand projections for coal on their head.”

Excerpts from the article:

– “China’s future coal demand may turn out to be much lower than that assumed by global projects for new coal mines and expansion of existing ones.”

– “Chinese coal demand could top out by 2016, and decline thereafter due to higher utilisation of coal alternatives such as hydro, gas and nuclear power, higher production efficiencies at coal burning utilities and the country’s crackdown on environmental violations.”

– “Lower Chinese demand could render as much as $112 billion of coal projects redundant, and says coal producers are wrongly assuming that coal demand out of China would be insatiable.” draws over 1 million unique visitors per month, according to its site analytics.

Here’s the full article.

Here’s the Carbon Tracker/IEEFA report.



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