Carbon capture and storage

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Report Questions Viability of Carbon-Capture Schemes

SNL: An environmental group has released a report slamming federal and state funding and tax incentives for the development of carbon capture and sequestration, or CCS, technology. The Western Organization of Resource Councils, or WORC, released a report June 20 that examines the various projects to capture and store carbon dioxide emitted by power plants […]

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On the Blogs: Marquee U.S. Clean Coal Project Continues to Struggle The first attempt at building a “clean coal” power plant that captures its carbon dioxide before being burned is struggling to get up and running in Mississippi, as the Trump administration plans to sharply cut back funding for the technology. Mississippi Power’s Kemper power plant is designed to allow the continued use of cheap […]

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Prosecutors Seek 3-Year Prison Sentence in Multimillion-Dollar Clean-Coal Fraud

Gillette (Wyo.) News Record: Describing the crime as “calculated” and “driven by greed,” prosecutors have asked a federal judge to sentence Two Elk developer Michael J. Ruffatto to a minimum of three years in prison for falsely billing millions of dollars to a federal energy research project in Wyoming and then using the money on […]

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On the Blogs: Alternate Facts From the Carbon Capture-and-Storage Industry

From Renew Economy: Supporters of carbon capture and storage (CCS) plants on coal power stations are audaciously seeking to sell the story they are cheaper than renewables – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. An example of this genre of CCS spin was published early last week in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) which reported […]

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Montana and Wyoming Governors Float Untested ‘Carbon Capture’ Projects

Tom Lutey for the Billings Gazette: Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead joined Bullock in listing the carbon capture opportunities of the dual state project, which is included in a 14-state report listing carbon capture opportunities. “Capture of CO2 from power plants for use in enhanced oil recovery can provide economic, environmental and national security benefits long […]

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Ohio Agency Offers $8 Million in Public Money for ‘Possibly Oxymoronic’ Research Into Clean Coal

Tom Knox for Columbus Business First: An Ohio agency is offering researchers up to $8 million to help prove that “clean coal” is possible. While so far unproven and possibly oxymoronic, the money will go towards finding ways to make clean coal more viable. “Cleaner, economical, and ultimately greater use of Ohio coal and/or its […]

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On the Blogs: The Carbon Capture and Storage Fantasy

Lachlan Barker for Independent Australia: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) was, is, and always will be a pipe dream of a “solution” to CO2 emissions, so that begs the question what is the federal government up to giving yet another handout to the ultimate dole bludgers of Australia, the coal industry? I had an idea, […]

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U.K. Coal Producers Push to Revive Carbon-Capture Schemes

Andrew Ward for the Financial Times: Coal producers are pressing the UK government to rethink its decision to scrap a £1bn scheme to develop carbon capture and storage technology. The World Coal Association, which represents big miners such as Glencore and Anglo American, has written to Greg Clark, the new business secretary, appealing for support […]

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‘High Ambition’ in U.K. Carbon-Capture Schemes

Kiren Stacey for the Financial Times: Last November, the UK government suddenly cancelled plans to spend £1bn helping to develop carbon capture and storage (CCS), seen for years as vital for reducing emissions. The move shocked many in the industry, not least because of what senior ministers had said about the technology in the past. […]

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On the Blogs: Long Odds on Coal Industry’s Hopes for Carbon Capture and Storage

Gary Ellem for The Conversation: One of the great hopes of the industry is carbon capture and storage (CCS), a way to burn coal, remove the carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions and store it safely away from the atmosphere. While there have been several breakthroughs, the technology remains expensive. Advances in energy technologies mean that adding […]

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