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IEEFA Update: Questionable Priorities in Kosovo Coal-Expansion Proposal

Putting a New Lignite-Power Program Ahead of a Thorough Clean-Up of Existing Generation Is a Strategy That Is Increasingly Difficult to Accept

No better example comes to mind of outdated energy policy in action than what’s unfolding in Kosovo. The tiny country’s main power plant is one of Europe’s dirtiest, as we noted in a report we published two weeks ago chronicling how hundreds of aging coal-fired electricity plants across the continent fall outside new pollution limits […]

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IEEFA Indonesia: Clinging to Outdated Diesel-Fired Electricity Generation Is Expensive and Short-Sighted

Renewable Energy Makes Better Sense Than Importing Fuel for Small Islands and Isolated Locales

The announcement last week of new diesel gas contracts and more diesel-powered generators for power production in hundreds of locations across Indonesia is short-sighted, expensive and risky. While national government officials have stated support for renewable energy policies that would expand remote and rural electrification, including a plan to install solar photovoltaics in 2,500 villages […]

IEEFA Australia: Adani Can’t Seem to Get the Public Subsidies It Requires for Its Carmichael Coal Project

Further Evidence That a Mine Proposal Is Unbankable

In saying that it has deferred its investment decision on its Australian Carmichael coal proposal because the Queensland Government hasn’t granted it yet another subsidy, Adani Enterprises is demonstrating once more that the project is unbankable. We’re not aware of a single private financial institution that has endorsed the proposal, which suggests to us that […]

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IEEFA Asia: South Korea’s Policy Shift Stands to Have an Out-Size Impact on Indonesian Coal Companies

IEEFA Asia: South Korea’s Policy Shift Stands to Have an Out-Size Impact on Indonesian Coal Companies

A Potential Blow to Pricing at a Time When Distressed Exporters Are Banking Heavily on New Growth

Moon Jae-in’s recent election as president of South Korea raises potentially serious ramifications for Indonesia’s coal exporters. Faced with growing unrest from an urban population affected by high levels of air pollution, Moon has promised to re-assess the construction of new coal power plants, close older ones and dramatically ramp up the country’s renewable energy […]

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