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A Long-Dreary Outlook for Two Montana Coal-Fired Plants Has Gotten Worse

The Longer Colstrip 1 and 2 Stay On Line, the Longer Puget Sound Energy Ratepayers Get the Shaft

In the weeks that have passed since we published “A Bleak Future for Colstrip Units 1 and 2,” the outlook for the these two coal-fired electric generators in eastern Montana has only gotten worse. Our report assumed, based on market expectations, that natural gas prices and energy prices would remain low for the next 10 […]

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A Shrinking Industry in Dire Straits

A Shrinking Industry in Dire Straits

Will The Decline of Coal Be Orderly or Chaotic?

Weaker then ever, the U.S. coal industry is in dire need of cash but in no position to attract much. A spike in coal prices would help, because such spikes generate cash, and spikes do happen, as when demand soars and supplies drop. The odds of coal-price spikes are diminishing, however, as time goes by […]

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Fuzzy Math in Australia

Fuzzy Math in Australia

Coal Market Numbers From the Office of the Chief Economist Appear to Be Based in Something Other Than Reality

The Australian government’s Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) touts itself as a producer and repository of “objective, robust and high-quality economic analysis.” Sometimes you have to wonder about that, as when the agency releases contradictory sets of numbers like those it published in the coal industry report in its September 2015 Resources and Energy […]

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India’s New Emissions Target Adds Momentum to Global Energy Transition

India’s New Emissions Target Adds Momentum to Global Energy Transition

Private- and Public-Sector Ambition That Is Well-Rooted in Reality; Access to International Capital Is Key

India last week became the last major economy to file a pollution-control plan in advance of the Paris Climate Conference in December, but one of the most important. Its document carries huge global significance. And while it is a harbinger of things to come it is a measure, too, of which way the wind is […]

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