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IEEFA Update: Coal Stocks Lose, However You Dice the Data

Broad Indexes Are Up in the Short, Long and Medium Term; Coal Indexes Are Not; Little Indication Producers’ Performance Will Improve

If stock prices are any measure of a company or industry’s success or failure, the coal industry has been failing now for 10 years.     The recent progress noted by many companies in their second-quarter earnings reports notwithstanding—production increases, slight improvements in profit margins, some increases in exports via East Coast ports, and purportedly […]

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IEEFA Update: Open Talk of Transition

Utility Executives Speak of ‘Greening the Fleet’; a Coal-Subsidy Scheme Backfires; Clean-Energy Lobbyists in Washington

A remarkable bit of news surfaced this week through SNL—the trade publication, not the comedy show—in an article that cobbled together recent U.S. utility-industry earnings calls that had a strikingly common theme: CEOs talking openly now about getting out of coal. Several even “seem excited” to be doing so, among them the chief executives of […]

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IEEFA Update: Even Coal-Mining Companies Are Complaining About the Price They Pay for Coal-Fired Electricity

Anecdotes of Note, and Some Irony, in Company Filings

Public filings by U.S. coal-mining companies disclose vast data that is crucial to investors—which is the point of having such information publicly available. They also yield revealing anecdotal notes that add perspective and depth to the numbers, and that include wrinkles of irony sometimes. Some coal-fired power has gotten so expensive that coal producers are […]

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IEEFA Australia: The Odds Against Adani’s Mega-Mine Are Growing and

IEEFA Australia: The Odds Against Adani’s Mega-Mine Are Growing

Project Remains Unbankable and Cannot Proceed Without Government Subsidies

Last week’s news that Commonwealth Bank, Australia’s largest, has ruled out financing for the proposed Carmichael project because of the climate risk it comes with is but the latest in the long drip of events adding to the probability the mega-mine-and-rail complex will never be built. In fact our view has only hardened that Carmichael […]

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