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IEEFA Japan: ITOCHU Corporation announces coal exit

Leading financial institutions setting divestment trend

Feb 15, 2019 (IEEFA Japan): ITOCHU of Japan has announced it is exiting from developing new coal-fired power plants as well as thermal coal mines to address the impact of climate change, and will continue to divest its existing thermal coal mine investments in Australia and Indonesia. IEEFA sees this as a major policy pivot […]

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IEEFA Australia: New open cut mine development refused with climate change cited as key reason

Precedent set in measuring the community cost of carbon emissions

The NSW Land and Environment Court refused development consent for a new open cut coking coal mine in New South Wales’ Gloucester Valley on 8 February 2019, citing the mine’s likely contribution to climate change as a key reason. Gloucester Resources Limited (GRL) had sought development consent for the Rocky Hill Coal Project to produce […]

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IEEFA U.S.: 5 ways utilities are driving the rapid expansion of solar-plus-storage

Technology gains pose a major threat to baseload power providers

The utility industry, broadly speaking, has a checkered history on renewable energy development, often having fought state renewable energy portfolio standards, curtailed residential net energy metering for solar and brought into question the reliability of wind and solar. But a new dynamic is at play now, especially around solar-plus-storage projects. Here, sharp and continued price […]

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IEEFA update: Andrew Cuomo got it right on New York’s fracking ban

Despite opponents’ fears, ban likely saved investors billions

New York State, under the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, instituted a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in 2014. Not surprisingly, the ban was hotly contested. Opponents had portrayed fracking as a silver bullet that would create jobs and promote economic development.  They predicted the state’s citizens would regret Cuomo’s decision. A retrospective analysis of […]

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