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IEEFA Latin America: Indications, in the Activity of an Italian Company, of How Emerging Markets Are ‘Skipping a Generation’ and Going Straight to Renewables

ENEL Is Betting That Developing Economies Will Go Big on Solar, Wind, and Hydro

In its updated plan for 2017-2019, the Italian utility ENEL SpA has expanded its earnings targets with an aggressive capital-expenditure program for 6.7 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity. And that’s just over the next three years, which probably makes ENEL the largest single investor globally at the moment in such capacity. Of crucial note here: […]

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IEEFA Australia: In India’s Trend Toward Renewables, Winds of Coal-Market Change

A Powerful Indicator of Global Changes in How Electricity Is Produced and From Which Sources of Energy

Revelations last week that Labor has plans to progressively retire Australia’s coal-fired power stations put the cat among the energy pigeons, not least for unanswered questions about the security of future energy needs and renewable energy targets. Nevertheless, the fact is Australia is being buffeted by winds of change blowing far from our shores. On […]

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IEEFA Asia: Electricity-Sector Change Is Coming to the Philippines

IEEFA Asia: Electricity-Sector Change Is Coming to the Philippines

Capital Markets Are in Play; Traditional Fuel-Cost Pass-Through Models Are Outdated; Status Quo Is at Risk

  Global coal prices have increased dramatically since the beginning of the year, a trend that has been felt as painfully in the Philippines as anywhere. Electricity customers in the overly coal-dependent Philippines already pay among the highest rates in Southeast Asia, and this year’s roughly 60 percent increase in coal prices hasn’t helped. Electricity […]

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IEEFA Europe: Can Coal Power Hang On?

IEEFA Europe: Can Coal Power Hang On?

Investors May Not Be Eager to Absorb More Losses Like Those Seen in Recent Dutch Build-Outs

Investment in new coal-fired power plants appears off the agenda in Western Europe. Witness the astonishing write-down of brand-new assets in the Netherlands, where European utility giants RWE, Uniper, and Engie have drastically reduced their valuations of plants barely a year old (read the report we published this morning, “The Dutch Coal Mistake,” which concludes […]

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