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PowerPulse: India Corporate Dashboard

Quarterly assessment of listed power sector companies in India

Welcome to PowerPulse: India Corporate Dashboard.  

India’s power sector is responsible for 40% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Achieving India’s emission reduction goals depends heavily on major power companies’ transition efforts. IEEFA has been examining the quarterly performance of several publicly listed companies in India's dynamic power sector and we believe that offering a comprehensive overview of all these entities collectively would prove to be insightful.

Through our PowerPulse dashboard, we aim to bring our readers quick access to important Indian corporate power sector data and information every quarter. 

In addition to highlighting financial and operational updates, PowerPulse will also delve into the energy transition strategies and progress of these companies. Furthermore, it will explore how they are facilitating the transition of other high-emitting enterprises.

In 2021, India’s capital market regulator introduced business responsibility and sustainability reporting (BRSR) standards, providing detailed environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance information for top listed companies. Through our analysis of BRSR reports from power sector companies, we will evaluate their material risks, commitments, and progress toward achieving energy transition.

The newsletter will provide a quick reckoner of the progress India is making toward decarbonising the electricity sector to be on track to meet the 2030 and net zero goals.

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