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IEEFA Energy Finance Conference 2017

March 13-15, 2017

Agenda and Presentations

Fossil Fuel Divestment

Bob Litterman, Kepos Capital
Tom Sanzillo, IEEFA
Moderator: Lee Wasserman, Rockefeller Family Fund

How Campaigners Use Financial Analysis

Rebecca Newberry, Clean Air Coalition of Western New York
David Ortiz, El Puente
Sharif Jamil, Waterkeepers Bangladesh
Moderator: Sandy Buchanan, IEEFA

Facts, Opportunities and Action: The climate movement looks forward

Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska
Bruce Nilles, Sierra Club
Tom “Smitty” Smith, Public Citizen
Ashish Fernandes, Greenpeace
Moderator: Larry Shapiro, Rockefeller Family Fund

China’s Energy Future

Lo Sze Ping, WWF China
Michelle Chan, Friends of the Earth
Lauri Myllyvirta, Greenpeace
Moderator: Tim Buckley, IEEFA

U.S. and Global Natural Gas Demand

Tony Yuen, Citigroup
Bruce Robertson, IEEFA
Moderator: Cathy Kunkel, IEEFA

India’s Energy Future

Vandana Gombar, Bloomberg
Gireesh Shrimali, Climate Policy Initiative
Joe Athialy, CENFA
Moderator: Tim Buckley, IEEFA

Wind Project Finance Training

Jérôme Guillet, Green Giraffe

Risks for U.S. coal plants in the next 4 years: market forces and regulatory developments

Eric Schaeffer, Environmental Integrity Project
David Schlissel, IEEFA
Moderator: Bruce Nilles, Sierra Club

Are natural gas pipelines being overbuilt?

Cathy Kunkel, IEEFA
Christophe Courchesne, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
Moderator: Carrie LaSeur, Baumstark Braaten

Overcoming obstacles to renewables

Warren Lasher, ERCOT
Nick Steckler, Bloomberg
Shannon Fisk, Earthjustice
Karl Rabago, Pace Energy and Climate Center
Moderator: Anna Sommer

Renewable energy and debt in Puerto Rico

Ruth Santiago, El Puente
Tom Sanzillo, IEEFA
Tomas Torres, ICSE-PR
Moderator: Tom Sanzillo, IEEFA

Coal mine reclamation

Joe Pizarchik, former OSMRE
Dan Cohn, WORC
Moderator: John Smillie, WORC

The role of state banks and international financial institutions in coal development in Indonesia and Kosovo

Yulanda Chung, IEEFA
Visar Azemi, KOSID
Moderator: Simon Nicholas, IEEFA

Responses to high penetration of renewable energy in Europe

Gerard Wynn, IEEFA
Tom Murley, HG Capital
Moderator: Sara Ahmed

Challenging demand for new natural gas pipelines

Natalie Karas, Environmental Defense Fund
Lena Moffitt, Sierra Club
Moderator: David Wooley, Keyes Fox & Wiedman

Coal bankruptcies

Sheldon Stone, Amherst Partners LLC
John Smillie, WORC
Dan Cohn, WORC
Moderator: Sarah Brennan, Robertson Foundation

Energy and Water

Jenni Monet, journalist
Donna Lisenby, Waterkeeper Alliance
Moderator: Tonya Bonitatibus, Savannah Riverkeeper

Using Divestment to Fight the New-Build Pipeline of Coal Projects

Heffa Schücking, Urgewald

State of the U.S. electric utility industry

David Schlissel, IEEFA
Julien Dumoulin-Smith, UBS Investment Research
Moderator: David Schlissel, IEEFA

Just Transition: examples from the U.S. and Europe

Sanjeev Kumar, Change Partnership
Rebecca Newberry, Clean Air Coalition of Western New York
Moderator: Suzanne Mattei, New York Trial Lawyers Association

Disruptive Energy Futures

Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

Building Bridges with Investors and Renewable Energy Developers

Philip Ripman, Storebrand Asset Management
Jérôme Guillet, Green Giraffe
Moderator: Yulanda Chung, IEEFA

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis and Columbia Law School brought together environmental advocates and attorneys from around the world for a three-day training program in New York City. The conference covered current developments in the coal, natural gas, renewable energy, and electric utility industries. It is designed to provide advocates and attorneys with the skills to understand and engage in the financial aspects of current debates on fossil fuels.

Conference materials: 

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