Guest Contributor: Nick Holmes

IEEFA Poland: PZU’s stance on coal makes no sense either for Paris Agreement or for its shareholders

From environmental and business perspectives, PZU still insuring coal is at odds with its share price - and its peers

Poland’s largest insurer, PZU, stands out among European insurers — for the wrong reason. It is conspicuous in still insuring coal when almost all of its European peers are exiting coal. This action goes against all of the objectives of the UN Paris Agreement to phase out fossil fuels by 2050. We know that this […]

IEEFA: COP26 – AXA leads by example, accelerating its exit from oil and gas to battle climate change

Now it’s time for the rest of the global insurance industry to do the same

At the COP26 summit, leading global insurance firm AXA announced an important step forward in its strategy to combat climate change. It has considerably extended its restrictions on both investing in and insuring new oil and gas projects. This comes after AXA already established itself as one of the insurance world leaders in combating climate […]