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Report: Battery Storage Emerges as ‘Near-Term’ Piece of NYC’s Evolving Electricity Grid

Utility Dive: A new study commissioned by the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) concludes the largest city in the United States has a near-term opportunity to clean up its electric grid by replacing older steam generation units with batteries. The analysis, conducted by Strategen Consulting, finds that about 2,860 MW of […]

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U.S. Energy Lab Sees Battery-Storage Systems Lowering Electric Bills for Millions of Businesses

Bloomberg News: More than a quarter of U.S. businesses could lower their monthly power bills if they installed batteries to reduce peak energy demand. Companies that have demand charges of at least $15 per kilowatt would benefit from installing battery systems, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Clean Energy Group found in a study of […]

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On the Blogs: ‘For Utilities, the Storage Future Is Here’

Utility Dive: America’s energy storage market just had its biggest first quarter in history, and is growing exponentially with GTM Research projecting it to reach roughly 2.6 gigawatts (GW) in 2022 – almost 12 times total 2016 market size, with surging deployment in the utility-scale storage projects.   This growth opens up tremendous opportunity for […]

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Brookfield Renewables: Battery Storage Is an Emerging Asset Class

SNL: Just as it amassed a sizeable fleet of wind farms in recent years, Brookfield Renewable Partners LP sees a move into battery storage as its next big growth opportunity — though a “meaningful investment” is still a ways off, the company’s chief executive said. The ability to store and release energy from intermittent sources like wind […]

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