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In Ground-Breaking Policy Move, Colorado Enacts Law Allowing Utility Customers to Store Electricity

Denver Post: Colorado has granted electricity users in the state a new right — the ability to store energy without discrimination in rates or excessive barriers in connecting to the grid. “This is declared to be a right and that is an important statement,” said Rebecca Cantwell, executive director of COSEIA, a trade group that […]

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A ‘Shift in Mindset’ as U.S. Electricity Storage System Deployments Are Set to Double in 2018

Reuters: U.S. deployments of energy storage systems will nearly triple this year thanks to sharply lower costs and state policies that support the case for installing batteries in homes, businesses and along the power grid. That forecasted growth of 186 percent to 1,233 megawatt-hours of storage from 431 MWh compares with the 27 percent increase […]

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One Effect of U.S. Energy Policy Confusion: Delays in Modernization

Reuters: Green energy technology development projects suffered staffing and investment problems last year due to a Trump administration review of Energy Department funding for companies and universities, a federal government report said on Wednesday. The Department of Energy implemented a program to review and approve aid on a rolling basis including funds from its branch […]

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Research: Wave of Hybrid Battery-Storage Power Plants Is Coming to the U.S.

S&P Global Market Intelligence: Driven by the U.S. power sector’s heightened focus on grid flexibility and the need to manage vast new volumes of variable renewable energy resources, a more dynamic class of power plant is emerging: wind, solar and fossil fuel facilities hybridized with battery storage. Roughly 80 such power plants are operating and […]

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U.S. Regulatory Opening Signals the Coming of a Bigger Grid-Connected Battery Industry

Microgrid Knowledge: Issued February 15 by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the rule aims to eliminate barriers that prevent energy storage from taking part in wholesale capacity, energy and ancillary services markets. This is a critical issue for the storage and microgrid industries, whose members have said that storage should be able to participate on […]

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As Part of Restructuring, GE Develops a Focus on Storage

Utility Dive: The company is now honing its approach within its GE Power unit by putting its energy storage business into a separate unit. “We have the direct attention of our CEO,” Mirko Molinari, global commercial and marketing executive for energy storage at GE Power, said at at GTM’s Solar Summit Mexico. “We’re bullish on […]

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U.S. Regulatory Panel Votes for More Grid Battery Storage

National Law Review: On February 15, 2018 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) issued a Final Rule addressing participation of energy storage resources in electricity markets operated by Regional Transmission Organizations (“RTOs”) and Independent System Operators (“ISOs”).  Largely adopting the proposal issued in November 2016, the Final Rule seeks to remove barriers for energy storage participation in […]

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Utility-Scale Batteries Encroaching on Gas-Power Markets in U.S.

Wall Street Journal: Giant batteries charged by renewable energy are beginning to nibble away at a large market: The power plants that generate extra surges of electricity during peak hours. Known as peakers, the natural-gas-fired plants are expensive to run, and typically are called into service only when demand rises and regular supplies are insufficient. […]

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China Leads Global Race for Battery-Critical Cobalt

Wall Street Journal: There is a world-wide race to lock up the supply chain for cobalt, which will likely be in even greater demand as electric-car production rises. So far, China is way ahead. Chinese imports of cobalt from Congo, the world’s biggest producer of cobalt, totaled $1.2 billion in the first nine months of […]

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Chinese Battery Factory Aims to Reign in New-Car Market, Including Over Volkswagen, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda and Nissan

Automotive News: The next global powerhouse in the auto industry comes from a small city in a tea-growing province of southeast China, where an unheralded maker of electric-vehicle batteries is planning a $1.3 billion (8.2 billion yuan) factory with enough capacity to surpass the output of Tesla and dwarf the suppliers for battery-powered cars by […]

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