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U.S. Regulatory Panel Votes for More Grid Battery Storage

National Law Review: On February 15, 2018 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) issued a Final Rule addressing participation of energy storage resources in electricity markets operated by Regional Transmission Organizations (“RTOs”) and Independent System Operators (“ISOs”).  Largely adopting the proposal issued in November 2016, the Final Rule seeks to remove barriers for energy storage participation in […]

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Utility-Scale Batteries Encroaching on Gas-Power Markets in U.S.

Wall Street Journal: Giant batteries charged by renewable energy are beginning to nibble away at a large market: The power plants that generate extra surges of electricity during peak hours. Known as peakers, the natural-gas-fired plants are expensive to run, and typically are called into service only when demand rises and regular supplies are insufficient. […]

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China Leads Global Race for Battery-Critical Cobalt

Wall Street Journal: There is a world-wide race to lock up the supply chain for cobalt, which will likely be in even greater demand as electric-car production rises. So far, China is way ahead. Chinese imports of cobalt from Congo, the world’s biggest producer of cobalt, totaled $1.2 billion in the first nine months of […]

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Chinese Battery Factory Aims to Reign in New-Car Market, Including Over Volkswagen, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda and Nissan

Automotive News: The next global powerhouse in the auto industry comes from a small city in a tea-growing province of southeast China, where an unheralded maker of electric-vehicle batteries is planning a $1.3 billion (8.2 billion yuan) factory with enough capacity to surpass the output of Tesla and dwarf the suppliers for battery-powered cars by […]

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Idaho Company Seeks Federal Intervention in State’s Refusal to Give Battery-Storage Project 20-Year Contract

Associated Press: An Idaho-based energy development company is asking federal authorities to declare state regulators in violation of a law intended to promote alternative energy in a case that could have far-reaching ramifications for emerging battery-storage technologies. Franklin Energy is seeking to build a $200 million lithium-ion battery storage facility in Twin Falls County. It […]

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AES, Siemens Partnership Is Big News for Batteries

The first storage supergroup has arrived. Fluence, the new joint venture from major industry players Siemens and AES Energy Storage, kicked off operations in the new year. The company is positioning itself as a global heavyweight system provider capable of tackling everything from commercial projects up to the rarefied “100 megawatt club.” The pairing combines AES’ decade […]

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Tesla’s Aussie Success Paves Way For More Projects

Australia’s renewable energy sector responds to the success of South Australia’s Tesla lithium ion battery: South Australia will build the world’s largest solar thermal plant, and a Queensland wind farm may be the site of a new record-breaking battery. The Aurora solar plant in Port Augusta, SA, will begin construction this year. The $650 million, 150-megawatt […]

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IEEFA Op-Ed: In 2018, Expect Clean Energy to Be Cheap Energy

Changing Market Dynamics Will Affect Investors, Households, Businesses and Economies Around the World

The central fact that will drive the energy industry worldwide in 2018, profoundly affecting businesses, consumers and policymakers, is that “clean energy” is now “cheap energy.” Fossil fuel extraction is expensive. It is giving way to cheaper, more flexible technologies, primarily renewables like wind and solar, and electric vehicles. These shifts will change investment decisions, […]

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Performance Of Tesla’s Australia Battery Has Been ‘Outstanding’

The Sydney Morning Herald: When it comes to hype, there is probably nobody as outlandish as US-based billionaire Elon Musk and his Tesla corporation. A…version of the hyperbole has been on show in Australia, following the installation late last year of a 100-megawatt lithium ion battery – the world’s largest. Musk famously offered to supply it […]

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Gov. Cuomo Calls For Coal Phase-Out In New York

Utility Dive: New York made waves yesterday when it unveiled a slate of clean energy proposals that sets the highest energy storage mandate in the country. Cuomo wants to commit at least $200 million from the NY Green Bank for storage investments that will help integrate renewable energy.  The plan is to roll out 1,500 […]

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