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AES sees $50 billion battery storage opportunity in India

PV Magazine: India presents a potential investment opportunity of $50 billion for battery storage facilities that could help integrate renewable energy into the grid, replace polluting diesel-fueled power and boost electric mobility, according to Andres Gluski, CEO of American energy firm AES Corp. “Battery-based energy storage has an essential role to play in helping India […]

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Shell expands clean energy portfolio, buys home battery supplier sonnen

Greentech Media: Shell will acquire German startup sonnen, staking a claim on the home energy storage market and further expanding its ever-increasing footprint in the clean energy industry. Sonnen distinguished itself in the early home storage market, with thousands of units deployed across Germany, and a notable presence elsewhere in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. […]

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IEEFA U.S.: 5 ways utilities are driving the rapid expansion of solar-plus-storage

Technology gains pose a major threat to baseload power providers

The utility industry, broadly speaking, has a checkered history on renewable energy development, often having fought state renewable energy portfolio standards, curtailed residential net energy metering for solar and brought into question the reliability of wind and solar. But a new dynamic is at play now, especially around solar-plus-storage projects. Here, sharp and continued price […]

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Wind, solar and battery storage linked in first-of-a-kind Oregon project

Electrek: A new energy facility in eastern Oregon will be the first of its kind in the U.S., combining wind power, solar power, and battery storage on a large-scale. Portland General Electric and NextEra Energy Resources announced plans for the Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility today. The new facility will combine 300 megawatts of wind generation, […]

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Sunrun’s virtual power plant wins bid in New England capacity auction

Greentech Media: Sunrun will get its chance to prove that home batteries and solar panels can stack up against traditional power plants. The San Francisco-based company won a 20-megawatt bid in the forward capacity auction for ISO New England, which operates the electric grid in six northeastern states. That auction ensures that enough grid capacity […]

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New rules should benefit solar-plus-storage development in Massachusetts

Utility Dive: The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) issued two orders on Friday, to specify net metering for solar-plus-storage facilities and the capacity ownership rights of such projects. “Both of those clarifications were absolutely necessary,” Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Commissioner Judith Judson said on a Feb. 4 call with reporters. DOER worked with […]

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Plan floated for large-scale baseload solar-plus-storage facility in Australia

Renew Economy: UK billionaire Sanjeev Gupta is laying down a challenge to the coal and gas industry by putting forward a $1 billion plus solar and storage proposal in the federal Coalition’s planned tender for new 24/7 power generation. The proposal from Gupta’s Australian energy offshoot, Simec Zen Energy, is in line with its previously […]

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Tesla’s Musk sees ‘gigantic’ potential in energy storage

Renew Economy: Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk says the Tesla big battery in South Australia has been so successful it will likely pay for itself within a few years, and has prompted interest from other governments to install even bigger batteries as a substitute for dirty and expensive gas peaking plants. Musk, in comments […]

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Two new large solar plus storage projects planned in South Australia

Renew Economy: Two new massive solar and battery storage projects have been proposed for South Australia, continuing the momentum in new investment that will likely see the state produce the equivalent of 100 per cent of its electricity needs through wind and solar as early as 2025. One of the new projects – a $1.2 […]

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NextEra: Solar, wind and storage will be ‘massively disruptive’

PV Magazine: Only one day after the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected that coal’s decline will slow, gas will dominate the future energy mix and that wind will peter out after the PTC ends, one of the nation’s largest and arguably its most successful power companies has a very different forecast […]

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