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IEEFA Report: ‘Here and Now’ — Nine Electricity Markets Leading the Transition to Wind and Solar

California, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, South Australia, Spain, Tamil Nadu, Texas, and Uruguay; Breakneck Speed Is Overtaking Academic Discussion; Renewables Are Providing Security of Supply

Feb. 14, 2018 (IEEFA) — New research by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis details how nine major power markets around the world have achieved an outsize share of wind and solar generation while assuring security of supply and are providing compelling examples of the fast-moving evolution of electricity generation. The report, “Power-Industry […]

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IEEFA Analysis: If Utah Commits to Proposed $53 Million Oakland Port Subsidy, It’s Buying a Pig in a Poke

Could There Be a Worse Time to Invest in Deteriorating Coal Markets?

A bill being seriously considered by the Utah State Legislature this week seeks in essence to finance a backdoor subsidy for a coal export terminal in California whose construction could well leave Utah taxpayers on the hook for a highly questionable and highly speculative $53 million out-of-state subsidy. The proposed law, which exists now as SB0246, is […]

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Oakland’s Proposed Coal-Export Expansion Is Fraught With Risk

Oakland’s Proposed Coal-Export Expansion Is Fraught With Risk

Red Flags in a Global Downturn, a Struggling Coal Producer and a State Guarantee

We’re presenting testimony to the Oakland City Council today that questions the wisdom of a proposal to expand the Port of Oakland’s coal-export capacity at the Oakland Army Base Redevelopment project. The deal being considered raises several red flags. First, the developer is taking a major financial risk by relying so much on coal in […]

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California carbon reduction goals are good news for storage industry

S&P Global Market Intelligence ($): For California to completely decarbonize its power system by 2045, as prescribed in the landmark bill recently passed by the state legislature, much more than Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature will be required. Among the prerequisites is a massively expanded energy storage industry, placing energy storage among the bill’s biggest potential […]

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California moves forward with fossil fuel-free power sector

Associated Press: California would accelerate its efforts to generate most of the state’s energy from carbon-free sources and set a goal of phasing out fossil fuels entirely by 2045 under legislation approved Tuesday by the Assembly. The bill would require California utilities to get half their energy from wind, solar and other specific renewable sources […]

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Legislation aims to develop Southern California geothermal resources and pumped-storage hydro plants

Palm Springs Desert Sun: California could dramatically reshape its energy future in the next few weeks. Two bills are of particular interest to the desert. One of them, from Assembly member Eduardo Garcia, would require utilities to purchase thousands of megawatts of geothermal power, potentially jump-starting development of geothermal power plants at the southern end […]

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More than 20 California utilities file for expansion into renewables, storage

S&P Global Intelligence ($): The filings with the California Public Utilities Commission include plans for tens of thousands of megawatts of additional renewable energy and energy storage, and charging infrastructure for several million electric vehicles. The proposals are part of the new integrated resource planning (IRP) process created by a 2015 law that set California’s […]

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Community choice is adding further momentum to California’s transition

Forbes: California is on track to meet its clean-energy goals a decade early thanks in part to communities demanding and delivering renewable energy faster and cheaper than utilities can, according to a report released this morning. A growing number of community choice aggregators (CCAs) in California are not only delivering a higher percentage of renewable […]

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Distributed solar cutting costs for California customers

PV Magazine: One of the most important aspects of the solar power revolution is how it is making daytime electricity cheaper, and thus lowering wholesale electricity prices more broadly. This becomes evident when electricity utilities project no new thermal electricity as the ‘lowest cost option‘. More evidence of this is contracts being signed today at […]

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California, Hawaii markets drive surge in residential storage

Greentech Media: The historically tiny residential energy storage segment won big in Q1 2018, according to the latest deployment data. Utility-scale projects, the usual workhorse of the energy storage industry, dropped massively compared to last year’s Q1, when the Aliso Canyon procurements came online and set a record for energy capacity. What saved the quarter […]

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New Residential Requirement to Lift California Solar Sales 14%

Greentech Media: California made national news this week in becoming the first state to require that solar be installed on virtually all new homes. The California Energy Commission approved the proposal on May 9, as part of an update to the state’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards. The codes apply to all new residences and major […]

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California to Require Solar on All New Home Construction

Orange County Register: For seven years, a handful of homebuilders offered solar as an optional item to buyers willing to pay extra to go green. Now, California is on the verge of making solar standard on virtually every new home built in the Golden State. The California Energy Commission is scheduled to vote Wednesday, May […]

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California Sets New Renewable Generation Records

PV Magazine: California has set a new record for peak output of utility-scale solar at more than 10.5 GW, as well as for renewable energy overall. However, the state’s grid operator is still curtailing solar and wind while hydro and the last nuclear plant run full-steam. California blew through a series of peak solar and […]

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