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Investment Analyst Bruce Robertson has been a fund manager and professional investor for over 32 years. He has worked with Perpetual Trustees, UBS, Nippon Life Insurance and BT and is an active participant in the national debate on energy issues in Australia.

IEEFA Update: Australia’s National Natural-Gas Scandal

An Oligopoly Profiting at the Expense of Businesses, Households, and Industry

The alleged gas “crisis” in Australia is patently not about supply. It is about systematic abuse by a handful of gas oligarchs to reap giant profits and rig prices. The creation of such a “crisis” is as politically convenient for politicians as it is economically and financially advantageous for the handful of companies running this […]

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IEEFA Update: Australia’s Natural-Gas Cartel Is Bleeding Australia

A Group That Extracts Extraordinary Prices Domestically, and in the Face of a Global Glut

Debate rages after an IEEFA spot-price analysis showing Australians consumers paying more for Australian natural gas than their Japanese counterparts who import it as a liquefied product. It’s hard to overstate the bizarre nature of the gas market in Australia. Only recently, gas was cheaper in Australia than in the U.S. But the development of […]

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IEEFA ‘Pipe Dream’ Report Questions Rationale for North East Gas Interconnector in Australia

IEEFA ‘Pipe Dream’ Report Questions Rationale for North East Gas Interconnector in Australia

A Financially Weak Pipeline Project Hampered by a Global Glut in Liquefied Natural Gas

We’re publishing a report today questioning the economics and financial footing of the proposed $800 million North East Gas Interconnector (NEGI) in Australia. The report—“Pipe Dreams: A Financial Analysis of the Northern Gas Pipeline”—also examines the implications of awarding an unregulated monopoly over the pipeline to Jemena, a Singaporean and Chinese government-owned company, via State […]