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IEEFA Report: ‘Natural Security’ Argument for Saving 2 Power Plants Is a Red Herring Meant to Distract From an Ohio Valley Electric Bailout

Keeping Kyger Creek and Clifty Creek on Life Support Would Cost Ratepayers $1.4 Billion; Market Conditions Will Continue to Undermine Viability of Aging Coal-Fired Plants; Public Resources Are Better Spent on Investing in Transition; Neither Generator Is Needed for Grid Stability

June 20, 2017  ( – The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) today published a research brief questioning a bill in the Ohio legislature that would bail out two failing coal-fired power plants owned by the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) and keep the plants alive at huge expense to ratepayers. The plants […]

IEEFA Report: Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines

IEEFA Report: Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines

The Case for Wind-and Solar-Powered Small Island Grids

May 8, 2017, MANILA ( — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis today published a report outlining how small islands in the Philippines can effectively replace outdated, diesel-fuel electricity-generation systems with solar- and wind-powered grids. The report—“Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines – The Case for Wind- and Solar-Powered Small Island Grids”—notes that many […]

IEEFA Report: European Coal Sector Woes Deepen With New Air Quality Mandate; One-Third of Existing Capacity Must Retrofit or Close

IEEFA Report: European Coal Sector Woes Deepen With New Air Quality Mandate; One-Third of Existing Capacity Must Retrofit or Close

More Headwinds for Major Utilities; New Limits Affect 108 Plants; Implications for Investors, With Gas and Renewables Emerging as Preferred Power-Generation Fuels

May 8, 2017 ( — More than 100 separate power plants—representing one-third of Europe’s large-scale coal-fired power plant capacity—face costly air quality upgrades or closure as a result of new European Union emissions limits, according to an analysis published today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). “These regulations will further undermine and […]

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On the Blogs: ‘Powering the Next Billion Consumers Will Look Very Different Than Powering the First’

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: More than a billion people worldwide live without reliable access to electricity. Providing them with power will require hundreds of billions of dollars of investment, vast deployment of technology, and adaptable business and financial market strategies. Much of the job can be done with power generation systems that are not connected […]

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Editorial: Countering Trump’s Fiction

Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, Colo.): As the Washington Post reported in March, at least six plants that relied on coal have closed or announced they will close since Trump’s victory in November, including the main plant at the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona, the largest in the West. Another 40 are projected to close during […]

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IEEFA Update: Something in the Wind

U.S. Nuclear Industry Reconsiders Expansion; Utility Exec Sees Less Risk in Turbine Farm Than Coal; Keystone XL Doesn’t Pencil Out Anymore

It’s de rigueur anymore for energy companies across the board to play up their clean-energy commitments—actual or just advertised—but executives at American Electric Power put some of their money where their mouths were in announcing intentions last week to invest $4.5 billion in the new Wind Catcher farm in Oklahoma. AEP’s logic is rooted in […]

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Volvo: ‘The End of the Solely Combustion-Engine-Powered Car’

Times of India: Unless the runaway growth of automobiles run on fossil fuels eases off, particularly in China and India, carbon dioxide emissions from cars and motorbikes will continue well into the latter half of the 21st century. It is in this context that the announcement by Volvo to phase out cars powered solely by […]

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On the Blogs: The Coal Industry Is Going to End Energy Poverty? Some 1.2 billion people around the world lack access to electricity. 2.8 billion burn charcoal, wood, or other biomass to cook and heat their homes. Lack of access to clean, reliable energy services, or “energy poverty,” is a terrible problem for those who face it, leading to hours of drudgery gathering fuels and high […]

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In Failure of South Carolina Nuclear Project, a Setback to Industry’s Expansion Ambitions

Wall Street Journal: Hopes for a U.S. nuclear renaissance dimmed Monday when the owner of a partially built power plant in South Carolina pulled the plug after its costs ballooned by billions of dollars. The decision by Scana Corp. to abandon the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station came months after reactor builder Westinghouse Electric Co. filed […]

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Inflection Point in U.S. on Battery-Storage Technology: ‘Opportunity to Become a Leader, Not a Laggard’

SNL: Large- and small-scale battery storage systems are “on the verge of reaching grid and socket parity” across the United States, potentially enabling “combinations of solar, wind, and storage to compete directly with fossil-based electricity,” finds a new study by researchers at the University of California-Berkeley and Germany’s Technical University of Munich. “Energy storage is […]

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Alphabet (aka Google) Is Working on the Holy Grail of Electricity Storage

Wall Street Journal: Google parent Alphabet Inc. is pitching an idea to store power from renewable energy in tanks of molten salt and cold liquid, an example of the tech giant trying to marry its far-reaching ambitions with business demand. Alphabet’s research lab, dubbed X, said Monday that it has developed plans to store electricity […]

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On the Blogs: A Stark Reality Check for Regional U.S. Coal Economies

Natural Resources Defense Council: The reality, however, is far more complex than politicized talking points: electricity markets are undergoing a period of rapid, transformational change. Rather than denying the reality of cheap natural gas, falling renewable prices, and rising coal costs, the federal government must help provide a sustainable transition for affected workers and communities—starting […]

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New Mexico County Seeks a Transition Plan as Two Coal-Fired Plants Face Closure

Farmington (N.M.) Daily Times: San Juan County faces hundreds of job losses and considerable lost tax revenue if the Public Service Company of New Mexico pulls out of the San Juan Generating Station, according to testimony at a joint meeting of the state legislative Finance Committee and the Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Committee today […]

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