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IEEFA Report: Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines

IEEFA Report: Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines

The Case for Wind-and Solar-Powered Small Island Grids

May 8, 2017, MANILA ( — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis today published a report outlining how small islands in the Philippines can effectively replace outdated, diesel-fuel electricity-generation systems with solar- and wind-powered grids. The report—“Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines – The Case for Wind- and Solar-Powered Small Island Grids”—notes that many […]

IEEFA Report: A Renewables Path to Japanese Energy Security in a Post-Nuclear Era

IEEFA Report: A Renewables Path to Japanese Energy Security in a Post-Nuclear Era

Eliminating High-Risk Dependence on Imported Fuels; Exploiting Domestic Technology Advantages; Avoiding Stranded Assets in Misguided Coal Projects

We’ve just published a report that details how Japan’s post-nuclear electricity-generation economy can be viably retooled around renewable energy. Our report—“Japan: Greater Energy Security Through Renewables: Electricity Transformation in a Post-Nuclear Economy”—emphasizes the potential for national energy security through renewables, most especially wind and solar. This report documents how government policies adopted in the wake […]

IEEFA Norway: Why the World’s Biggest Sovereign Wealth Fund Should Invest in Global Renewable Energy Infrastructure

IEEFA Norway: Why the World’s Biggest Sovereign Wealth Fund Should Invest in Global Renewable Energy Infrastructure

The Sector is Growing, Returns Are Reliable, the Outlook is Positive

We published a report this morning that highlights how Norway is at a historic crossroads in how it manages some of its vast national wealth bound up in the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). Indeed, GPFG is facing an unusually opportune moment this summer, as Parliament considers whether to enact a mandate that would have […]

IEEFA U.S. Coal Outlook 2017: Short-Term Gains Muted by Prevailing Weaknesses in Fundamentals

IEEFA U.S. Coal Outlook 2017: Short-Term Gains Muted by Prevailing Weaknesses in Fundamentals

Production Declining by as Much as 40 Million Tons; Prices Failing to Benefit Shareholders or Stimulate New Investment; Anemic Exports; Little or No Gain From Regulatory Relief; Increasingly Dim Employment Prospects

We’re out this morning with our annual outlook for U.S. coal markets, and the picture isn’t pretty. We see the potential for some short-lived strength in the current uptick for coal producers but the title of our assessment sums up the larger view: “Short-Term Gains Will Be Muted by Prevailing Weaknesses in Fundamentals.” You can […]

IEEFA Report: China Set to Dominate U.S. in Global Renewables Boom; $32 Billion in Overseas Investments in 2016 Alone

World’s 2nd-Biggest Economy Is Bankrolling Far More Projects, and in More Countries; Gap Will Widen If Trump Administration Delivers on Policy Intentions; ‘Clean Energy Isn’t a Sector to Turn Away From’

Jan 6, 2017 ( – China will likely expand its dominance of the booming global renewable- and clean-energy industries as new American energy policies come into play, concludes a report published today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). “The change in leadership in the U.S. is likely to widen China’s global […]

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IEEFA Asia: A Better Way Forward for Electrification in Bangladesh

IEEFA Asia: A Better Way Forward for Electrification in Bangladesh

We See a Viable and Sensible Renewables Path to Rapid Eradication of Energy Poverty and to Improvements in Health and Education

We’ve just published a report that outlines a highly feasible and more cost-effective alternative to expand electrification in Bangladesh than what the Bangladesh government has in mind. Our blueprint—“Bangladesh Electricity Transition: A Diverse, Secure and Deflationary Way Forward”—outlines an expansion that would be cheaper, cleaner and provide more national energy security. Our research models an […]

IEEFA Year in Review 2016

2016 Has Been a Year of Rapid Change and Gathering Momentum in Global Energy Markets

The global transition to renewables is accelerating The pace of change is happening faster than most predicted Those being left behind are facing increasing financial risks Nov. 4, 2016—Ahead of the opening of COP22 in Morocco, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) published a report today documenting key trends and milestones in […]

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IEEFA Global: A $51 Billion Gap (and a $51 Billion Opportunity) in BRICS Nations’ Renewable Energy Development

How to Meet the Goal? Through "Blended Finance" Where Public Funds Unleash Private Money

Here, in one chart, is an IEEFA picture worth a thousand words. While some $130 billion was invested last year in renewable-energy development in the BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—billions more are required if these countries are to meet their commitments to climate-change mitigation policies. The four countries, in all, have announced […]

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IEEFA Questions PREPA’s ‘Misguided’ Electric Plan for Puerto Rico; Notes High Risks and Costs; Sees Perpetuation of Import Addiction

Call for Energy Independence in U.S. Commonwealth

‘Extraordinarily Short Shrift to the Potential for Renewable-Energy Development and for Energy-Efficiency Improvements’ CLEVELAND, May 2, 2016 (IEEFA) — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has filed public comments recommending that the Puerto Rico Electric Commission reject the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s plan to rebuild the island’s electricity system. The comments, which […]

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Eight (8) Signs Now Is the Time to Invest in Energy Transformation

Eight (8) Signs Now Is the Time to Invest in Energy Transformation

Rapid Change Is Already Being Driven by New Policies and the Shifting Sands of Finance

Evidence continues to mount that the world is beyond peak coal consumption and that its appetite for thermal coal is waning. This trend has gathered remarkable momentum in 2015, as seen in sharp consumption declines in key coal markets. We’ve published a report today that explores recent developments around the world: “Carpe Diem: Eight Signs […]

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More News and Commentary

On the Blogs: Coal-Fired Nostalgia

Union of Concerned Scientists: The Department of Energy released a graphic last week that highlights six facts we may not know about coal, as if cheerleading the coal industry will minimize the fact that coal-fired electricity is the largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions and a significant contributor to air pollution that makes us […]

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‘Three Reasons to Believe in China’s Renewable Energy Boom’

National Geographic: It has atrocious air pollution. It fears climate change. And it wants to be a “manufacturing monster” in renewables too. After years of ignoring the air quality crisis that has resulted from decades of breakneck industrialization, China’s leaders have finally begun trying to solve it. And because coal is the source of an […]

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Skepticism on New U.S. Policy to Promote Baseload Thermal Generation Over Wind and Solar

SNL: On the same day that Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, raised concerns that a forthcoming study by the U.S. Department of Energy “appears to predetermine” that renewable energy has undermined the reliability of country’s electric grid, a DOE official took issue with a recent focus on baseload power. In April, Energy Secretary Rick Perry ordered […]

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IEEFA Indonesia: Clinging to Outdated Diesel-Fired Electricity Generation Is Expensive and Short-Sighted

Renewable Energy Makes Better Sense Than Importing Fuel for Small Islands and Isolated Locales

The announcement last week of new diesel gas contracts and more diesel-powered generators for power production in hundreds of locations across Indonesia is short-sighted, expensive and risky. While national government officials have stated support for renewable energy policies that would expand remote and rural electrification, including a plan to install solar photovoltaics in 2,500 villages […]

Florida Utility Plays Up Solar in Announcing Coal-Plant Closure

Clean Technica: Quick, how many US coal power plants are closing in just the first two years of the Trump Administration? If you randomly guessed more than 40, run right out and buy yourself a cigar. The solar and natural gas trains have left the station, and the utility Florida Power & Light Company is […]

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On the Blogs: ‘Lack of Connection to a Centralized Grid Is a Feature of Distributed Technologies, Not a Bug’

Bloomberg View: More than a billion people worldwide live without reliable access to electricity. Providing them with power will require hundreds of billions of dollars of investment, vast deployment of technology, and adaptable business and financial market strategies. Much of the job can be done with power generation systems that are not connected to a […]

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Market Trends Driving U.S. Electricity-Generation Shift

Utility Dive: Analysts told us this would happen — the traditional electric utility model would be upended, and utilities would need to adjust their business models to operate in a new energy future. Now, with plummeting prices for renewables and energy storage, the finalization of the nation’s first carbon regulations, and the proliferation of distributed […]

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On the Blogs: A ‘Must-Read’ Article in the Global Financial Press

ThinkProgress: The details of this transition are spelled out in a new, must-read, 4000-word article in the Financial Times, “The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable.” What is most remarkable about the article is that it appears in the Financial Times. The free-market oriented paper is the “most important business read” for the […]

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Unexpected Global Momentum Around Renewables

Financial Times: After years of hype and false starts, the shift to clean power has begun to accelerate at a pace that has taken the most experienced experts by surprise. Even leaders in the oil and gas sector have been forced to confront an existential question: will the 21st century be the last one for […]

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From the Heartland, Republican Pushback Against Trump’s ‘Hastily Developed’ Electricity-Grid Campaign

Reuters: Iowa’s Republican senator on Wednesday raised concerns that U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has commissioned a “hastily developed” study of the reliability of the electric grid that appears “geared to undermine” the wind energy industry. In a letter sent to Perry, Senator Chuck Grassley asked a series of questions about the 60-day study he […]

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