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Offshore Oil Giant Statoil Wins Bid to Build U.S. Wind Farm

Katherine Tweed for GreenTech Media: Norwegian state-owned oil company Statoil is the winning bidder for the right to build a wind farm across nearly 80,000 acres off the coast of New York. The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s auction was for an area approximately 12 miles off the west end […]

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Changing Ways to Pay for Green Power

From Politico: The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis released a note Monday concluding developing countries are pursuing new forms of financing to develop renewable energy projects. “As these new channels of financing develop, country-by-country renewable energy sectors will create spill-over advantages that build a path toward sustainable broader development,” it finds. Changing Ways […]

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First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Suggests a Market for More

Tatiana Schlossberg for the New York Times: Until this week, all of the wind power generated in the United States was landlocked. But in a first for America, the ocean breeze is now generating clean, renewable power offshore — electricity that will supply a small island community off the coast of Rhode Island. Renewable energy, […]

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Developers of First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm See More Growth on the Horizon

Chris Moody and Brady Dennis for the Washington Post: The Block Island Wind Farm, a 30 megawatt (or million watt) installment off the Rhode Island coast, went into regular operation Monday – marking the beginning of a bona fide new source of electricity in the United States. Although countries like Britain and China have many […]

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A Certain Oil Company’s ‘Death Spiral’

Tom O’Connor for International Business Times: Oil giant ExxonMobil may be in a death spiral, according to a new analysis issued Wednesday that detailed the company’s rise in long-term debt and decline in cash balance, net income and overall revenue. The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), an energy-focused research group based in […]

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Next U.S. Offshore Wind Farm: Lake Erie

Joe Ryan for Bloomberg News: The next U.S. offshore wind farm in the U.S. will probably be almost 500 miles (800 kilometers) from the nearest ocean. The Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. expects to finalize a deal by yearend with Fred. Olsen Renewables AS to build a 20.7 megawatt wind project in Lake Erie, off […]

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On the Blogs: ‘Cost Reductions for Offshore Wind: Signs of Progress, Expectations for More’

Ryan Wiser, Joachim Seel and Bentham Paulos for The barriers to offshore wind are formidable. Yet, after many years of delays and cost increases, there are signs of progress. Offshore wind bids coming out of Europe suggest that steep cost reductions are at hand; the most recent of those bids, for a 350 MW […]

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By Wide Margins, Dems and Republicans Agree on Something: Wind and Solar

Julia Pyper for Greentech Media: While the American population stands divided heading into this year’s presidential election, there’s one thing the majority of Americans can agree on: expanding the use of renewables. A new survey by Pew Research found that 89 percent of Americans favor building more solar farms, with just 9 percent opposed. A […]

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Growing Consensus That U.S. Wind Industry Is Gaining Momentum

Chris Mooney for the Washington Post: A survey of 163 of energy experts predicts the cost of electricity generated by wind should plunge by 24 to 30 percent by the year 2030, and even further by the middle of the century. One key reason? New wind projects are about to get even more massive, in […]

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New York Pushes Ahead With Its Offshore Wind-Development Roll-Out

Andrew Coffman Smith for SNL: New York has released a blueprint aimed at sparking development of up to 39 GW of offshore wind power along the state’s coastline. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the release of the offshore wind strategy on Sept. 15 that defines a study area for potential offshore wind and identifies additional development […]

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