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India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation

India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation

New IEEFA report- India’s energy transformation gathers momentum

10 August, 2015: India’s ‘seven horses of energy’ electricity sector transformation is gathering pace, with far-reaching ramifications for renewable energy development and the structural decline of seaborne thermal coal, according to a new report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Indian energy analysis firm, Equitorials. The report – […]

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Help Wanted, New Role: CUO (Chief Utility Officer)

Harvard Business Review: The benefits of smarter utility consumption go beyond just a smaller bill. Eliminating the 30% of unnecessary consumption can improve profitability, reduce equipment downtime, become a competitive differentiator, and lower carbon emissions. The marginal effect on profit through reducing utility costs can be significant. Every dollar saved in utility costs becomes an […]

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U.S. Corporate Pushback in Proposed Cuts to Energy-Efficiency Initiatives

The Hill: Dozens of companies and organizations are pleading with Congress to save the popular Energy Star program for appliances and other products, rejecting President Trump’s proposal to eliminate it. The companies, including major names such as 3M, Johnson Controls Inc., Philips Lighting and Intel, joined advocates such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and […]

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Legislative Forces in Ohio Revive Their Lost Anti-Renewables Strategy

Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Republican majority in the Ohio House is moving again to get rid of the state’s renewable energy rules. The law currently demands that by 2026, 12.5 percent of the power sold must be from renewables. The standards under this proposed legislation would be completely voluntary and there would be no penalties […]

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Minnesota Case Study: Gains by Renewables (and in Efficiency) Drive Consumer Prices Down

Midwest Energy News: Consumers have seen flat or declining energy costs as renewable energy becomes a greater part of the energy mix of Minnesota and the nation. That’s one of the findings in the annual 2017 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in partnership with the Business Council for Sustainable […]

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On the Blogs: Democrats and Republicans Alike See Job-Creation Power in Clean-Energy Transition

Scientific American: Over the past two years, two thoughtful, innovative, and dramatically different plans to address global warming have been presented to the American public by the Democratic and the Republican Parties. Both plans would move the nation significantly toward a sustainable future. The first, the Clean Power Plan (CPP), introduced by President Obama, calls […]

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Union-Environmental Alliance Sees 15,000 Minnesota New Jobs in Energy-Efficiency Work

Frank Jossi for Midwest Energy News: Minnesota could create 15,000 jobs and save more than $3.1 billion by reducing energy use in municipal buildings, universities, schools and hospitals, according to a new report. The report, “20 for MN: A Proposal To Reduce Minnesota’s Energy Use In The M.U.S.H. Sector By 20 Percent,” was released earlier […]

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Obama’s Science Journal Article on ‘the Irreversible Momentum of Clean Energy’

Barack Obama for the journal Science: Beyond the macroeconomic case, businesses are coming to the conclusion that reducing emissions is not just good for the environment—it can also boost bottom lines, cut costs for consumers, and deliver returns for shareholders. Perhaps the most compelling example is energy efficiency. Government has played a role in encouraging […]

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Op-Ed: A Faith-Based Call to Renewable Energy

John P. Gardner for the Ft. Wayne (Indiana) Journal Gazette: We are casting a bold and urgent vision that change in our individual and institutional habits is both possible and needed. Once upon a time, the congregation I serve used coal as fuel for heating. But that was two or more generations ago. We have […]

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Editorial: Ohio Governor Must Block Legislators’ War on Renewables

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Gov. John Kasich has said he would veto any bill that extended Ohio’s freeze on alternative energy and energy efficiency standards. That was a wise bar: Ohio’s freeze for the past two years — and uncertainty about state energy policy going forward — already has pushed green energy investments and […]

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Ohio Editorial: The High Economic Costs of Ignoring Renewables

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: How much in denial of economic realities are our elected representatives in Columbus? t least $100 million worth. That’s how much First Solar spends annually on its production lines and research and development labs in the Toledo area, testified Colin Meehan, First Solar’s director of regulatory affairs. The company employs […]

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