IEEFA Update: A Growing Consensus on Transition

Electricity-Generation Markets Are Changing, and Not to Coal’s Benefit

The speakers changed at IEEFA’s annual conference this year, but the message remained the same: coal can no longer compete economically with either renewables or natural gas. Andrew Blumenfeld, head of market analytics with Doyle Trading Consultants, said this week during the IEEFA 2018 Finance Conference in New York that “even if power generators were […]

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IEEFA Philippines: ‘Opportunities Now to Transform the Nation’s Energy Sector’

A ‘Lease-Cost Mechanism’ Would Encourage Modernization

March 16, 2018 (IEEFA) — Rapidly declining costs and technological advances in renewable energy, liquefied natural gas (LNG), energy efficiency, and storage are creating an “enormous opportunity” for greater use of cheaper electricity-generation domestic alternatives to imported coal and diesel in the Philippines, concludes a new research brief published by the Institute for Energy Economics and […]

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IEEFA Update: India Is Becoming a Transition Force on Par With China and Western Europe

Exporting Electricity and Infrastructure Development to Markets in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal

India’s electricity-generation market is changing fast, pushed by sustained deflation in renewable energy tariffs, technological advances in the wind and solar sectors, the availability of lower-cost financing, an acceleration in wind- and solar-tender activity, and a national political desire to abide by the Paris climate agreement. One indication of change: In 2017, tariffs for both […]

IEEFA Update: America’s Coal Industry Is in Trouble

IEEFA Update: America’s Coal Industry Is in Trouble

Little Evidence That Exports Will Save the Day

American coal industry executives have been working hard to restore investor confidence by arguing for a business-recovery rationale based on increased demand in export markets. There’s not much evidence for this case. Exports did help the industry in 2017, as several companies noted in their latest earnings reports, but U.S. coal producers are facing major […]

IEEFA Op-Ed: The Time to Reason With Oil Majors Has Passed

‘Shareholder Engagement’ Looks More and More Like a Cynical Ritual That Values Talk Above Action

When French insurance group Axa announced it was selling its coal assets in 2015, the question emerged whether rivals including Allianz, Aviva, Zurich and others would divest too. Some did, and some did not. A broader question also surfaced: would public and private investors now look to sell down all their investments related to fossil […]

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IEEFA Op-Ed: Keeping Puerto Rico’s Electric Utility on a Short Leash Until It Proves Accountability

The Governor Should Step Aside Now and Let Proper Regulation Take Its Course

Power outages that swept the capital of San Juan last week serve as a sobering reminder of what Puerto Rico is up against as it struggles to rebuild its battered electricity grid. Almost 1 million people live in the area affected by the blackout, which is just the latest symptom of an electricity system in […]

IEEFA Update: Kosovo’s Latest Coal-Plant Plan Would Violate EU Standards for Market Competition

IEEFA Update: Kosovo’s Latest Coal-Plant Plan Would Violate EU Standards for Market Competition

Project Puts a Small Country's Economy at Risk; Deal Locks in Profits for U.S. Developer ContourGlobal While Offering Little Transparency

A recent Kosovo government announcement of a contract with U.S. developer ContourGlobal to build a new coal-fired power plant in Pristina appears to be in violation of European state-aid rules. The deal, which awards ContourGlobal a no-bid contract to build a 450-megawatt (MW) plant that would burn domestically produced lignite, effectively serves as a barrier […]

IEEFA Update: A Lobbyist With Coal-Colored Glasses Can’t See the End Game

IEEFA Update: A Lobbyist With Coal-Colored Glasses Can’t See the End Game

An Open Letter in Response to a Misguided Op-Ed in the Australian Financial Review

Dear Editor: On behalf of the Institute for Energy Economics and Finance Analysis (IEEFA), I write to highlight some key factual errors and omissions in what we consider to be an extraordinarily disingenuous op-ed that your publication carried recently. It is telling that the piece is credited to Frontier Economics, a coal lobbyist working for […]

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IEEFA Report: Puerto Rico Can Get 40% of Its Electricity From Renewables by 2028

Transition Will Require Modernization of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution as Well as Strong Regulatory Oversight

March 1, 2018 (IEEFA) — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis published a report today describing how Puerto Rico can get 40 percent of its electricity from renewable resources by 2028. The report, published with the Puerto Rico Institute of Competitiveness and Sustainable Economy (ICSE-PR), sees the U.S. commonwealth relying on renewables for 50 percent […]


IEEFA Update: Status-Quo Politics Imperil Public Confidence in Puerto Rico Grid Rebuild

Ill-Advised Efforts to Undermine Island's Key Electricity-Reform Regulator

While the reform-minded Puerto Rico Energy Commission has survived its latest assault by Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, the governor still seems bent on the commission’s destruction. Earlier this month, Rosselló sought to consolidate the energy commission with four other regulatory agencies and eliminate its independence by having all members serve strictly at his pleasure. Puerto Rico […]

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