IEEFA China: Lender of last resort for coal plants

Continued support for coal power across Asia erodes China’s clean energy leadership

January 22, 2019 (IEEFA Hong Kong): While financial institutions around the world are moving away from coal to limit exposure to increasing stranded asset risks, a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis finds global renewable energy champion China is simultaneously funding over one-quarter of coal plants currently under development outside […]

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IEFFA Puerto Rico: New natural gas deal fits same old pattern for choosing contractors

Lack of transparency, subversion of planning process, award to small company with questionable track record all sound familiar

The government of Puerto Rico is moving forward with plans to convert two units at the San Juan power plant from oil to natural gas. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) plans to contract with a third party that will make the necessary upgrades to the power plant to convert it and invest in […]

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IEEFA India: Grid investment needs to match enormous growth in renewable energy investment

Infrastructure needs further modernisation, urgently

Jan. 22, 2019 (IEEFA India): With the government successfully electrifying 99% of all houses in India under the Saubhagya scheme, there is an urgent need for a hefty investment in grid transmission infrastructure to keep pace with growing low-cost renewable capacity so that new households can actually afford to buy electricity. A new IEEFA briefing […]

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IEEFA update: The Energy (Dis)Information Administration

Will the latest official U.S. outlook for coal markets be based in fact for a change or something else?

The Energy Information Administration will release its annual energy outlook soon, along with its standard cautionary disclaimer as to how it is more a guess than a prediction of what will happen. Oh that it were a better-educated guess. Many policymakers, particularly those in Congress and state legislative bodies that don’t have either the time […]

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IEEFA Argentina: Setbacks in plan to use Vaca Muerta oil and gas reserves to kickstart economy

Independent driller drops out; no bidders for new offering

Argentine officials are pinning much of the country’s economic comeback on attracting foreign investment to find, pump and sell oil and gas from the Vaca Muerta region in Neuquén Province to a new set of global customers.  The question for Argentina is whether its economic problems will undermine its ability to develop the Vaca Muerta […]


IEEFA U.S.: A sea change in American offshore wind

Up and down the East Coast, initiatives to develop a massive and largely untapped market

The big lease sales ($405 million) last month in coastal waters off Massachusetts for three federally owned tracts that didn’t sell at an auction in 2015 signal a sea change in how U.S. offshore wind generation potential is now perceived. The winners of that auction, who emerged after 32 rounds of bidding over two days, […]

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IEEFA India: Improving India’s electricity sector through time-of-day pricing

Incentives should be put in place to increase network and consumer efficiencies

Jan 7, 2019 (IEEFA India): With some US$100bn of existing and proposed thermal power plants in financial distress, and low cost but variable renewable energy capacity best able to meet the ambitious targets set by government, India has an opportune moment to transform its electricity sector by introducing time-of-day pricing for both producers and consumers. […]

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IEEFA update: 2018 ends with energy sector in last place in the S&P 500

2019 expectation is for more investment with lower returns

The stock market went to hell in December. And when it got there, it found that the energy sector had already moved in, signed a lease and decorated the place. One cannot minimize the impact of the overall year-end market decline on energy sector stocks, which went down along with every other sector. For example, […]

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IEEFA Europe: PGE’s pro-coal strategy in Poland under fire

EU decision to end capacity payments is a blow to utility’s plans

LONDON—The coal-heavy strategy at Poland’s biggest utility, PGE, was hit this week by a provisional European Union agreement to end coal power capacity payments from 2025, adding to the utility’s existing woes from rising carbon prices. Across Europe, utilities have rushed for the coal exit door, driven by increasingly favourable economics for renewables and smart […]

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IEEFA Japan: Early days, but momentum away from coal is building

From September to December 2018, the prime minister, corporations and lenders have been pivoting towards renewables

SYDNEY –  Over the last decade Japan has consistently been placed in the top three leading global exporters of financially supported coal-fired power engineering and technology capacity. In recent months however there are emerging signs of a strategic pivot away from coal, driven by a recognition of the stranded asset risks in thermal coal mining […]

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