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IEEFA Investor Memo ExxonMobil (XOM): Company Is an ‘Outlier’ in How It Reports Write-offs on Canadian Oil Sands Assets

Loss Accounting ‘Largely Overlooked by Industry Analysts;’ Full Transparency Could Affect Balance Sheet by $22 Billion

April 17, 2017  ( – The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) today published an investor memo questioning whether ExxonMobil has appropriately accounted for its recent write-off of billions of barrels of Canadian oil sands assets. In “ExxonMobil Investment Note,” IEEFA outlines how ExxonMobil remains the exception in the oil industry in its […]

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China pushes outdated coal technology onto other countries

AFP: Even as China struggles to curb domestic coal-fired power and the deadly pollution it produces, the world’s top carbon emitter is aggressively exporting the same troubled technology to Asia, Africa and the Middle East, an investigation by AFP has shown. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from these Chinese-backed plants could cripple global efforts to […]

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Norwegian wealth fund continues long-term push for sustainable investments

Financial Times ($): It is not perhaps the most obvious idea for an investor that derives all its inflows from oil and gas revenues to prioritise sustainability. But Norway’s $1tn oil fund has been different from the beginning. One of the few sovereign wealth funds in a democracy, the Norwegian fund has put ethical issues […]

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Betting on technology, major U.S. utility looks to be carbon-free by 2050

The Denver Post: Xcel Energy, Colorado’s largest electric utility, is upping its renewables game with the announcement Tuesday that it has a goal of being 100-percent carbon free by 2050. The Minneapolis-based company that serves eight states has been a leader in the quest to increase the use of renewable energy sources, said Ben Fowke, […]

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Study: U.S., U.K. insurers lagging in coal divestment efforts

The Guardian: UK and US insurers are lagging far behind European firms when it comes to divesting from coal-heavy businesses and refusing to insure them, campaigners have warned. At least 19 major insurers holding more than $6tn in assets – a fifth of the industry’s global assets – have now divested from coal, according to […]

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Carbon capture costs loom large in climate talks

Reuters: When countries gather on Sunday to hammer out how they will enact pledges to cut carbon emissions, a Norwegian-led oil consortium will offer a solution: pump some of your excess carbon dioxide to us and we could store it for you. Environmentalists worry the costly technology, known as carbon capture and storage (CCS), will […]

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French banks to be required to stop lending to coal projects

S&P Global Market Intelligence ($): France will force its financial institutions to stop financing coal mines and coal-fired power stations if they do not stop that kind of lending voluntarily. Bruno Le Maire told a climate conference in Paris that he would meet banks, insurers and asset managers in the coming weeks and ask them […]

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Italy’s largest insurer to stop covering new coal projects

Reuters: Italy’s biggest insurer Generali said on Friday it would stop offering insurance coverage for new coal mines and plants, marking a step up in the company’s support for green policies. Generali’s action, which comes ahead of a United Nations climate change conference in Poland in December, is the latest by a big insurance company […]

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Norway wealth fund develops software program to analyze climate investment risk

Reuters: Norway’s $975 billion wealth fund, the world’s largest, wants to know how much of a company’s carbon dioxide emission costs can be passed on to customers. The fund holds 1.4 percent of all globally listed shares, representing 9,000 companies, so a lot is at stake for the fund as it considers how to allocate […]

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IEEFA update: How should shareholders react to New York’s ExxonMobil lawsuit?

Time to hold management accountable

Acting New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood has sued ExxonMobil for fraud, alleging the company misled investors about how its current and future profitability was—and will be—shaped by climate change. The Attorney General’s case tests legal compliance. ExxonMobil shareholders face a different test. The lawsuit charges that ExxonMobil, in effect, kept at least two […]

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IEEFA update: In Exxon lawsuit, another indication of growing oil-industry peril

Risks outweigh potential rewards; Fossil fuel stocks grow increasingly speculative

The lawsuit filed yesterday by New York’s attorney general against Exxon Mobil is a stark indication of just how risky investing in oil and gas companies has become. The lawsuit asserts that the company defrauded shareholders by downplaying the business risk of climate change, and litigation poses obvious financial risk. It may even expose ExxonMobil—and […]

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