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IEEFA Update: Are Investors in Asian Coal Starting to Think Twice?

IEEFA Update: Are Investors in Asian Coal Starting to Think Twice?

Signs That Risk Perceptions May Be Shifting as Markets Evolve

Human nature is to juggle contradiction and remain hopeful in the face of adversity. But investors are supposed to be hard-eyed cynics. What, then, to make of financial professionals smart enough to pose shrewd questions about the impact of climate change on the coal industry but willing to settle for illogically incomplete answers? This is […]

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IEEFA Asia: More Evidence of Stark Change in Seaborne Thermal Coal Markets

A ‘JKT’ Triad—Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan—Sets a 21st Century Course for Clean Energy; Expect Further Transformation in the Next Year or Two

Word out today that Taiwan has attracted $60 billion in foreign capital commitments to renewable-energy projects adds to the fast-gathering momentum around the electricity sector transition taking deep root across Asia. An excerpt from the article posted this afternoon by Nikkei Asia Review: Global renewable energy companies are rushing to set up offshore wind farms […]

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Taiwan Moves to Drop Nuclear Energy in Favor of Renewables and Natural Gas

From Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Taiwan’s new government led by President Tsai Ing-wen pushed through legislation, in January 2017, to make the island state free of nuclear power. All nuclear generation is to stop by 2025, and will be replaced partly by renewable energy and partly by gas-fired plants. “We would like to move away […]

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