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IEEFA Global: A $51 Billion Gap (and a $51 Billion Opportunity) in BRICS Nations’ Renewable Energy Development

How to Meet the Goal? Through "Blended Finance" Where Public Funds Unleash Private Money

Here, in one chart, is an IEEFA picture worth a thousand words. While some $130 billion was invested last year in renewable-energy development in the BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—billions more are required if these countries are to meet their commitments to climate-change mitigation policies. The four countries, in all, have announced […]

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Coal Won’t Solve the Energy Poverty Problem

Coal Won’t Solve the Energy Poverty Problem

Times Have Changed; Old Electricity-Generation Models Don’t Work Anymore

Coal-fired electricity is no longer the economy builder its proponents say it is. Time was when coal in fact did contribute to growth in many economies, but times have changed. Today governments and private interests worldwide concede—even emphasize—the economic and environmental dysfunction of coal. We’ve just published an IEEFA Briefing Note (“Energy Poverty, Then and […]

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Opinion: South Africa’s coal-heavy draft IRP is misguided

Business Day: The minister of energy, Jeff Radebe, published a draft of [South Africa’s] long-awaited new Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for the power sector last week. Most observers are relieved that the draft does not include expensive nuclear power being forced into a “policy adjusted” plan with potentially disastrous financial and other consequences for SA, […]

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New South Africa plan looks to cut coal reliance, expand renewables

Bloomberg: South Africa has dropped proposals to boost supply from nuclear plants in its latest energy blueprint and will increasingly harness renewable sources as it trims a reliance on coal. “There will be a study to determine if more nuclear is needed after 2030,” Energy Minister Jeff Radebe told reporters in Pretoria on Monday. “But […]

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IEEFA South Africa: A New Coal Project Meant to Serve Export Markets Is Unlikely to Achieve Lasting Success

IEEFA South Africa: A New Coal Project Meant to Serve Export Markets Is Unlikely to Achieve Lasting Success

Structural Changes in Global Seaborne Thermal Markets Make for Long Odds

A proposal to develop a new, export thermal coal mine in Limpopo province, South Africa, faces too many headwinds to ever achieve long-term success. Resource Generation (ResGen), a company that is publicly listed in Australia and South Africa, plans to mine coal mostly for exports markets from its Boikarabelo project. The company also says it […]

South African Court Dismisses Coal Industry Move to Block $4.7 Billion Investment in Renewables

Reuters: A South African court on Thursday dismissed a bid to block $4.7 billion in renewable power contracts, an energy ministry spokeswoman said, removing an obstacle to the first major investment deal under President Cyril Ramaphosa.The last-minute legal challenge was lodged earlier this month by the National Union of Metalworkers (NUMSA) and Transform RSA, a […]

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IEEFA Guest Commentary: The Sensible Path Forward for South Africa’s Eskom

IEEFA Guest Commentary: The Sensible Path Forward for South Africa’s Eskom

Decommissioning Old Coal-Fired Plants and Curtailing Construction of New Ones Is in the National Interest

South Africa’s national power utility, Eskom, would do well by its ratepayers and investors to decommission its older coal-fired power stations and consider curtailing construction of its controversial 4,800-megawatt Kusile Power Plant project. A study published earlier this month by my firm, Meridian Economics, explains how these interventions would save hundreds of millions of dollars […]

Study: South Africa’s Eskom Overexposed to Coal

Business Day (South Africa): Eskom should curtail the construction of Kusile and retire several of its old coal-fired power stations early to save itself billions and shield consumers from excessive energy costs, a new study suggests. The study, by consultancy Meridian Economics, also says that if SA is to pursue a least-cost path for energy […]

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IEEFA Asia: As India Moves, Europe Follows

Low-Carbon Technology Is Where the Smart Money Is Going

As world energy markets transform at an unprecedented rate, India is at the forefront of the shift toward a profitable renewables industry, especially given how the country’s solar belt has the potential to supply 749 gigawatts (GW) of power generation. As shown in a report we published earlier this month, accelerating this trend will allow […]

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South Africa’s State Utility Company in ‘Self-Styled Extinction’

Biznews South Africa: In South Africa, where electricity prices have quadrupled since 2007 and an expensive coal-fired power build-out threatens to drive prices even higher, renewables appear ever more appealing. Unfortunately, for the last two years Eskom has been stonewalling on this front, refusing to sign new renewable energy power purchase agreements, while claiming that […]

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IEEFA Report: Winners and Losers Among Big Utilities as Renewables Disrupt Markets Across Asia, Europe, the U.S., and Africa

IEEFA Report: Winners and Losers Among Big Utilities as Renewables Disrupt Markets Across Asia, Europe, the U.S., and Africa

Leaders and Laggards Emerge; US$185 Billion in Lost Shareholder Value Seen Among Utilities Failing to Keep Pace; Solar and Wind Generation ‘Can Now Consistently Outbid Fossil-Fuel-Based Generation’

Oct. 4, 2017 (IEEFA) — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) published a report today that describes how the rise of renewable energy is disrupting electricity markets worldwide. The report, “Global Electricity Utilities in Transition: Leaders and Laggards: 11 Case Studies,” documents a pace of change in Asia, Europe, the Americas and […]

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IEEFA Update: A Sense of Desperation in Global Coal-Expansion Campaigns

Investors Grow Wary of Reputational, Regulatory and Return Risk

Coal apologists the world over like to cite spurious “facts” to support their argument for new investments in coal projects. A commonly heard theme: We need more coal because it’s cheap. In Australia, the government’s chief scientist’s call for a national “clean energy target” has set off a wave of highly dubious claims about coal […]

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