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Chile launches coal phase-out initiative

Renewables Now: Chile’s Energy Ministry and industry stakeholders have agreed on the programmed and gradual phase-out of coal-fired plants that do not have carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems, after holding nine round-table sessions over the course of six months. Coal-sourced electricity represents 40% of Chile’s power mix and its replacement with cleaner energy sources […]

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Chilean mining companies turn increasingly to wind and solar

Bloomberg Businessweek: Minerals are so abundant in Chile’s northern Atacama Desert, you can get copper just by kicking the mountain—or so says one of the miners’ favorite proverbs. A century after many of the mines there were first opened, finding copper—or gold, or lithium, or iron ore—isn’t that easy. The concentration of minerals in the […]

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Chile’s Four Biggest Utilities Are Closing Coal Plants and Moving Toward Renewables

Bloomberg News: Engie SA is closing its coal-fired power plants in Chile after deciding there was little point in trying to sell them. The French power company plans to replace the capacity with renewable energy and will announce more details in the coming weeks, according to Philip De Cnudde, Engie’s chief executive officer for Latin […]

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Chile Announces Coal Phase-Out

Climate Home: Chile will phase out coal power generation, president Michelle Bachelet declared on Wednesday. The energy ministry has secured an agreement with its major utilities not to build any more coal plants, unless they are fitted with technology to pump the emissions underground. A working group will develop a plan to replace existing coal […]

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IEEFA Latin America: In Asian Electric-Vehicle Boom, an Energy-Security Moment for Chile

An Opening to Become a Vital Natural Resource Provider and Build a Lithium Processing Industry Too

[Editor’s note: This is an excerpt of an interview with Latin America Advisor.] The Chilean government has identified seven companies that it wants to develop value-added lithium projects, state development agency CORFO (Production Development Corporation) said. Chile is part of South America’s “lithium triangle,” which contains more than half the known global reserves of the […]

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IEEFA Latin America: Indications, in the Activity of an Italian Company, of How Emerging Markets Are ‘Skipping a Generation’ and Going Straight to Renewables

IEEFA Latin America: Indications, in the Activity of an Italian Company, of How Emerging Markets Are ‘Skipping a Generation’ and Going Straight to Renewables

ENEL Is Betting That Developing Economies Will Go Big on Solar, Wind, and Hydro

In its updated plan for 2017-2019, the Italian utility ENEL SpA has expanded its earnings targets with an aggressive capital-expenditure program for 6.7 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity. And that’s just over the next three years, which probably makes ENEL the largest single investor globally at the moment in such capacity. Of crucial note here: […]

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