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IEEFA Report: Three Timely Takeaways on 2016 Global Energy Transformation

IEEFA Report: Three Timely Takeaways on 2016 Global Energy Transformation

An Acceleration to Renewables, Faster-Than-Expected Shifts Regionally and Nationally, Growing Risk for Investors Who Lag Behind

Three notable takeaways emerge from the rapid transformation of the global energy economy, as we detail in a new paper we published today as the landmark Paris Agreement officially goes into effect. The global transition to renewables is accelerating. Change is happening faster than expected. Those left behind in this transition face growing financial risk. […]

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Small off-grid solar offers big dividends, report finds

PV Magazine: Gogla has released a report showing the positive economic effects of deploying small-scale pay-as-you-go solar systems in off-grid regions. More than half of the survey’s respondents reported having increased economic activity, with many of those starting new businesses or significantly increasing their household income. The data shows that 58% of the households, which […]

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Solar development in Africa begins to accelerate

PV Tech: After years of unconverted pipelines, stale financing and cost barriers, utility-scale solar PV in Africa has started to spring up across the continent. The worldwide decline in equipment prices has of course been a pivotal influence, but Sub-Saharan Africa also now hosts a number of support schemes backed by development banks that are […]

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Australia’s Windlab Ltd. to build Tanzania’s first wind farm

The East African: Tanzania has licensed a subsidiary of Australia’s Windlab Ltd to build 300 MW Miombo Hewani wind farm in the central part of the country. Windlab said the project will be undertaken in phases with the initial part using up $300 million for 100 MW comprising up to 34 wind turbines and a […]

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IEEFA South Africa: A New Coal Project Meant to Serve Export Markets Is Unlikely to Achieve Lasting Success

IEEFA South Africa: A New Coal Project Meant to Serve Export Markets Is Unlikely to Achieve Lasting Success

Structural Changes in Global Seaborne Thermal Markets Make for Long Odds

A proposal to develop a new, export thermal coal mine in Limpopo province, South Africa, faces too many headwinds to ever achieve long-term success. Resource Generation (ResGen), a company that is publicly listed in Australia and South Africa, plans to mine coal mostly for exports markets from its Boikarabelo project. The company also says it […]

Emerging Economies ‘Catching Up’ in Global Renewables Race

Financial Times: Emerging market countries are lagging behind the developed world in rolling out renewable energy, despite their generally sunnier climes lending themselves to potentially cheap and reliable solar power. However, some developing countries such as Lithuania and Uruguay and Indian states such as Tamil Nadu are rapidly developing wind and solar power, demonstrating that […]

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Kenya at an Energy Crossroads As It Considers Chinese-Backed Coal Plant

New York Times: Across a narrow channel from this historic port town, where baobabs tower over the forest and tiny crabs skitter in and out of the mangroves, Kenya could soon get its first coal-fired power plant, courtesy of China. The plan’s champions, including senior Kenyan officials, say the plant will help meet the country’s […]

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International Agency: Solar and Wind Will Continue to Outcompete Across Africa and Asia

Reuters: With the costs of creating electricity from solar power and wind continuing to fall, electricity from renewable energy will soon be “consistently cheaper” than electricity from fossil fuels, according to the head of the world’s renewable energy agency. By 2020, most wind and solar power technology now being commercially used will be priced in […]

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Momentum Toward Decentralized Electricity Generation in Emerging Markets

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Advances in distributed technologies at the frontiers of the energy system can provide power where the traditional grid is non-existent, inadequate, expensive or too distant for connection. These technologies, and the innovative business models that deploy them, can deliver not just energy but also economic opportunities to the two billion people […]

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Africa Poised to Bypass Tradition Electricity-Expansion Model by Embracing Microgrids and Renewables

The Economist: Thanks to a happy combination of innovation and falling costs for renewable energy, Africa may now be able to leapfrog ahead not once but twice, skipping both polluting fossil fuels and, often, the electricity grid itself. Last year Africa added a record 4,400MW of renewable-power capacity, roughly enough to meet Nigeria’s current consumption, […]

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IEA Report: Renewables Will Supplant Coal in Alleviating Global Electricity Poverty

Carbon Brief: Around the world, more than a billion people still lack access to electricity. This number is shrinking, down by one third since 2000, despite rising population levels, according to an International Energy Agency (IEA) special report on energy access, published today. The report says that while coal has supplied nearly half of the […]

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