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Energy Finance Analyst Sara Jane Ahmed is a former investment advisor specializing in originating and structuring energy opportunities in emerging markets. She has worked for the World Resources Institute and Grameen Bank.

IEEFA Asia: Why a Philippines Coal-Import Tax Makes Sense

A Corrective Policy Aimed at Offsetting the External Costs of Dirty Power Generation; Indian and South Korea Have Already Set the Bar

Debate has picked up this week in the Philippines over proposals to enact a tax on imported coal as one of several ways to support a national public-investment initiative. Lawmakers are suggesting a levy of up to $20 a ton on coal brought into the Philippines, a country that relies heavily on coal-fired generation for […]

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IEEFA Indonesia: Clinging to Outdated Diesel-Fired Electricity Generation Is Expensive and Short-Sighted

Renewable Energy Makes Better Sense Than Importing Fuel for Small Islands and Isolated Locales

The announcement last week of new diesel gas contracts and more diesel-powered generators for power production in hundreds of locations across Indonesia is short-sighted, expensive and risky. While national government officials have stated support for renewable energy policies that would expand remote and rural electrification, including a plan to install solar photovoltaics in 2,500 villages […]

IEEFA Update: Signs in Bangladesh of a Budding Electricity-Sector Transition

Delays in Coal-Fired Plant Construction; Material Progress Toward Utility-Scale Solar Generation

Bangladesh’s latest national power-development update shows a small but notable shift under way: Construction of new coal-fired power plants is being delayed while a nascent solar industry begins to take root. The country nonetheless remains perilously dependent on fossil-fuel imports and has yet to truly embrace adoption of renewable energy on a scale that would […]

IEEFA Asia: Electricity-Sector Change Is Coming to the Philippines

Capital Markets Are in Play; Traditional Fuel-Cost Pass-Through Models Are Outdated; Status Quo Is at Risk

  Global coal prices have increased dramatically since the beginning of the year, a trend that has been felt as painfully in the Philippines as anywhere. Electricity customers in the overly coal-dependent Philippines already pay among the highest rates in Southeast Asia, and this year’s roughly 60 percent increase in coal prices hasn’t helped. Electricity […]

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IEEFA Asia: A Better Way Forward for Electrification in Bangladesh

IEEFA Asia: A Better Way Forward for Electrification in Bangladesh

We See a Viable and Sensible Renewables Path to Rapid Eradication of Energy Poverty and to Improvements in Health and Education

We’ve just published a report that outlines a highly feasible and more cost-effective alternative to expand electrification in Bangladesh than what the Bangladesh government has in mind. Our blueprint—“Bangladesh Electricity Transition: A Diverse, Secure and Deflationary Way Forward”—outlines an expansion that would be cheaper, cleaner and provide more national energy security. Our research models an […]