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Associate Editor Dennis Wamsted has covered energy and environmental policy and technology issues for 30 years. He is the former editor of The Energy Daily, a Washington, D.C.-based newsletter.

IEEFA update: Unmistakable trends in American wind and solar

IEEFA update: Unmistakable trends in American wind and solar

Price, public policy, and technological gains are driving market-share gains

The uptake of renewable energy across the U.S. is occurring now at a speed that almost defies description. At the end of 2007, some 16.7 gigawatts (GW) of wind-generation capacity had been installed; total capacity this year is expected to top 90 GW and additional capacity under construction will soon push the total past 100 […]

IEEFA update: Pushback from the big boys against U.S. coal bailout campaign

Core resistance by colossal players across the energy industry

The Trump administration’s scheme to subsidize the coal industry has nothing to do with grid resiliency or energy security—the White House is simply picking a favorite in the heated battle for market share across the U.S. electricity generation sector. The coal industry is losing this battle. Its contribution to the U.S. electricity generation mix dropped […]

IEEFA Update: The U.S. Energy Information Administration Continues to Miss the Mark

IEEFA Update: The U.S. Energy Information Administration Continues to Miss the Mark

In Its Coal-Industry Analyses, a Federal Agency Seems Oblivious to Reality

The Energy Information Administration, the federal agency responsible for national energy data compilation and analysis, has been historically out of sync on its U.S. coal-industry projections and seems every bit as off the mark as ever these days. It’s as if the EIA can’t quit going rogue from reality. In a “Today in Energy” article published […]

IEEFA China: A ‘Sea Change’ in Energy Policy

IEEFA China: A ‘Sea Change’ in Energy Policy

More Big Solar and Wind Projects; Fewer Coal Projects of Any Size

Policy change in China is driving a surge in renewable generation, a flattening of carbon dioxide emissions and a downward trend in coal permitting and construction. While coal still dominates China’s electricity-generation sector, air pollution and related public health concerns alongside mounting worries about global climate change have driven renewables—particularly solar and wind generation—to grow […]

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IEEFA Update: Renewables and Grid Stability Go Hand in Hand

IEEFA Update: Renewables and Grid Stability Go Hand in Hand

How Wind and Solar Enhance Energy Security

Opponents of renewable energy have sought to use the variability inherent in wind and solar electricity generation to campaign against the ongoing integration of such resources into the U.S. electric grid. Variability was the straw man, for instance, in U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s failed bid this past winter to secure Federal Energy Regulatory Commission […]

IEEFA Update: The Divestment Movement Gains Steam

A Fast-Growing Issue, Especially for the Coal Sector

Fossil fuel divestment took center stage during a good part of IEEFA’s annual conference last week in New York, with experts and government officials weighing in in detail on the burgeoning movement. Among them: Representatives from both the city and the state of New York, which operate some of the biggest pension funds in the […]

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IEEFA Update: A Growing Consensus on Transition

Electricity-Generation Markets Are Changing, and Not to Coal’s Benefit

The speakers changed at IEEFA’s annual conference this year, but the message remained the same: coal can no longer compete economically with either renewables or natural gas. Andrew Blumenfeld, head of market analytics with Doyle Trading Consultants, said this week during the IEEFA 2018 Finance Conference in New York that “even if power generators were […]

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